I am of the understanding that internet fads, especially geeky internet fads, are even more fickle than conventional fads. That having been said, I’d like to explain why I like the format of the Xanga weblog better than the Livejournal.

It is in my nature to dismiss fads instantly. I have since learned that behind all pop culture fads there is an underground reality that is long past its prime. (For Livejournal, it was Usenet. Send an email if you don’t understand.) I’ve been wrong about some fads before, including but not limited to the Personal Data Assistant I am writing this on, but that’s for another time. There simply isn’t anything that Livejournal adds to the experience of writing down thoughts and corresponding that hasn’t been in existence for quite some time.

Now, I know quite a lot of folks do indeed use Xanga in the same way as Livejournals. This is not intended to completely offend. Mister_Green got me into this, and I told him that when I begin this blog I was trying really hard not to plagiarise his concept, but he said that the best ones are the ones with endless ranting. And he said I shouldn’t make a site that goes, ‘Tuesday, Noon, Day off. Had an itch in my asshole. Scratched it.’ And that quote sums up in a nutshell what I don’t like about Livejournal.

On a lighter note…


On my bus ride home tonight, I heard a girl talking about her cousin or something like that. She was twelve years old, and her mom took her to the doctors, to learn her daughter was five months pregnant. Turns out the dad was mom’s recent husband, or the girl’s step-dad. The divorce was swift and he went straight to jail, of course.


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  1. ORANGE!  Finally it’s nice to read something from here.  For THINGS COULD BE WORSE, it never surprises me people can talk and talk about personal things in public places.  And the listeners can actually choose to listen or speak up based on the content.  For example… if somebody was on a cell phone talking about a personal fling they’ve had, nobody minds.  If somebody is on a cell phone talking about a gastrointestinal surgery in detail, you can bet somebody will tell them to keep the conversation down.  And actually, that’s seems to be the way Xanga works come to think of it.  ORANGE!


  2.   Hey, I talk about my day in xanga.  Otherwise, it’s almost as though I don’t exist.  I’m still waiting for someone’s first xanga entry to be something elaborate along the lines of “xanga sucks major ass” or something.  Because then the xanga team will come in and congratulate them and… and they’ll be saying good job on saying xanga sucks… and.. ah, yeah, you get it…  Hehehe, that’s pretty damn twisted-hilarious in you last paragraph.  People…


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