Someone suggested I make my posts be lists of URL’s to web sites I find interesting. Well and good, except, I don’t surf. He was offended because he likes Livejournals, but then again, he probably isn’t going to read this now because of that.

It’s only been a night but I wanted to make sure I added a little more to what’s already on the page. My first article there does little to show what my alternative to the average internet diary would be, so here goes…


It’s a little late to comment about Mister_Green’s bit regarding parallel universes or whatever, I believe the post was January 27 if you want to look it up, but it’s got quite a lot to do with how I got where I am.

I can trace everything I am now, where I live and why and all, all down to one event. In the winter of 1994, on a boring day when college classes were cancelled, I bought a comic book. Without that moment, I would not have scoured the internet wondering why I couldn’t find that comic book where my brother was living, I would not met the people that moved me to where I live now, and I would not have met the people I now live with, nor would I have gotten my toy store job, and therefore, I would not have met Mister_Green. Creepy, huh?

I have very few regrets in life, because of that simple, yet undeniable chain.



This is a simple game you play outdoors on a Sunday afternoon, though closer to dusk is preferable. It is played in a patch of woods near a relatively well-travelled somewhat rural highway. You’ll need some hefty roof shingles. The players hide in the wood near the highway and take turns tossing the shingles frisbee-style in the paths of passing cars, hoping to disturb them as much as possible, without having the flying object attributed to you, the tossers. Courtesy of a friend, whom for the sake of anonymity I’ll call Mike.


Where I grew up, everyone had their woods, a section of wood or forest we could call our own in some way, a territory we liked to visit most of all the woods or whatever. I’ve since learned that this sort of thing can happen anywhere there is a significant amount of trees. It was once fashionable to read the Necronomicon and worship Satan openly much in the way it is now stylish to be pagan, or otherwise in a witches’ coven, and similarly they would require a section of woods for ceremony, in the case of our readers of the Book of the Dead, live animal sacrifices were not uncommon. I have heard stories of such territories being protected by an assortment if log traps, from oversized Figure 4 type contraptions to pendulums that resemble the things the Ewoks of Return of the Jedi used to thwart the Stormtroopers. I’ve even heard of replications of Vietnam VC type traps, using M 80s for bouncing betties and such. Courtesy of a friend I’ll call Dave.


Similar to UFO above, an abandoned tire is placed in a lane of traffic while spectators watch cars’ reactions to it. This includes but is not limited to: swerving into oncoming traffic, slamming the brakes and being rear-ended by a tailgater, or running over the tire as the car’s freshly damaged undercarriage punts the tire down the street into infinity. Slow runners need not apply. Courtesy of a friend I’ll call Tom.


I’m usually good for remembering very worthless pieces of trivia; anyone who’s come over because of Mister_Green’s shout out will be somewhat aware. Since I can’t think of any to spout right now, I’ll try not to disappoint by explaining why I absorb so much crap in the first place.

I’m a bad learner. It’s not that I don’t learn, or maintain information when I’m taught, it’s simply that I have very little capacity to learn when I don’t want to. I’d rather learn things _I_ want to learn about instead.

In younger years, this caused me to learn on my own, visiting the library, reading the encyclopedia, and driving my parents, sisters, and teachers to mistakenly think I’m some kind of genious. With a few rare exceptions, my grades in elementary school were amazing, and slid slowly downward to barely graduating high school.

I spent more time in college abusing my Boston Public Library membership and listening to albums and going to the museum and such, than I did doing what my teachers and classes suggested. I figured if I only had four years (in reality, three) I’d might as well make the most of all its priveledges. I’m still paying for them to this day, and if you think I regret it, remember that comic book?

Boston Public Library has the complete Pogo collections on file, and I also used it to learn Japanese (when I left I could read at a first grade level, a skill that’s slid to oblivion), all the world’s religions (or as many as I could) among other things. That means if something interests me, no matter how
strange it may be, I learn about it in any way I can. I need no compensation from the knowledge other than the personal satisfaction that I know about it. What’s funny is that though I used to be a know-it-all type because of that. I guess I still have my moments. Old video games and sometimes animation comes to mind. Maybe later I’ll think of something constructive to spout out.

For now, expect new installments about every other week, maybe with a special thrown in here or there as I think of it, and try not to take any opinions I share personally. Like my credit rating, my opinion is as worthless as anyone else’s.


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  1. ORANGE!  Wow, that last comment was a shameless plug if I’ve ever read one.  Yeah, the farthest I can ever trace myself back would be mere hours.  I always say “I shouldn’t have eaten that”.  And boom, my life takes a new direction every other week.  Those sound like fun games too.  I’ve always wondered about shoes.  You always see one on the side of the road.  Now why would there only be one?  Out there, is a lonely shoe searching for it’s other.  It’s so sad.  ORANGE!


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