I was wandering about this strange mansion and I had to deal with what seemed to be like video game bosses, one looked like a cat, the other like a snake that called itself Shadow. The first time the cat was blue, and I could defeat it and the concrete looking shadowy snake the first time, but the next time, after a spell exploring with my brother! I discovered the cat, red this time, waiting to ambush me, but the cat was a diversion. The snake, made of wispy smoke this time, did me in after what felt like ten minutes. I don’t remember percieving myself dying and I didn’t wake up terrified as much as creeped out. The reason I think I was beaten is because I remember wanting to wake up.

Guess I should put away the game consoles for a while.


Binary, a number with two possible states. A wonderful way to check if something is on or off, exists or doesn’t.

Budget, when you figure out how much money you have versus how much you need, learning you have money to burn, or none left, or perhaps discovering that you owe an insurmountable amount of money.

Have you ever spent money only because it was available to you? Do you know anyone that does this habitually? These are said to be on a binary budget- you have money, and spend it, or you do not.

About three weeks ago I was retroactively paid for a raise I should have gotten last year, about $300ish all said and done. It’s gone now.

Everybody take care and I’ll try to come up with something for next week. -ch


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  1. ORANGE!  We had an interesting discussion in math about binary and stuff like that.  Okay, so it wasn’t interesting but it was tolerable.  It raised the questions of why do we say kilometers as Kill om eaters, but then say kilos as kee lows.  Shouldn’t it be said Kill ohs?  Or decimeter is des see meter, and decagon is deck a gon.  Why not des see gon?  Stupid math, so far that’s all my math class has been.  Look at things and see how stupid they are.  No math whatsoever three weeks in so far.  ORANGE!


  2. I spend cash when I have it, and when I don’t have it I normally don’t want much.  Of course, people give me money if I ask for it.  The only time I’m turned down is if the person I’m asking is broke.  And I almost never pay back my loans!  Mwahahahahahahahaha!!!


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