Let me start by thanking my readers, Mister_Green, Streakshooter, and Londo. I have other readers, too, as evidenced by the sitemeter, but since I can’t tell who they are unless they get an account and leave comments, I can only guess who they might be from what the sitemeter says.

This week I’ll thank the others by their choice of web browser.

Thank you to the 60% of you that use Internet Explorer. Most of you use IE 6, some use IE 5.

Thank you to the 20% of you reading with iCab. That means I have readers that use Macintoshes, machines I’ve learned to appreciate, as long as they’re purpose-owned.

Thank you to the 20% of you that use Netscape products. Most of you use Netscape 5, some use Communicator 4, the rest use an assortment of Mozillas and all that.

It is likely that my choice of browser (Opera 7) lights up sitemeter as a Netscape flavor.

It’s been a while since I last wrote. I’ve been out with a mean and ugly virus that started out as a dry rasp two Saturdays ago and grew to knock me completely out Sunday and give me a ton of days off. It’s since downgraded to a light, mucus filled rasp.

I think I’ll start things off with what you shouldn’t do to get rid of the flu.


Minors shouldn’t attempt this. They probably shouldn’t read it either.

In the time between going to college in Boston and living in the midwest, I was staying with my brother, who, at the time, lived in a trailer in the woods of southeast Georgia.

I had a really bad flu one night, and had a Theraflu packet saved for just that sort of thing. Problem is, it’s powder, meant to be dissolved in hot water. The water from the tap was unconditioned well water that wasn’t safe to drink, though a lot nicer to shower in than the sulfurous crap at my Dad’s at the time, trouble was, we had no bottled water in the house. All there was to drink in the refridgerator was half a two-liter bottle of flat Coke.

Beats swallowing the powder straight, I thought, and poured a tall glass of the flat soda and mixed the powder in. I think I gave it some thirty seconds in the microwave, stirred it, and sipped it. A vile, sour tang with a horrible asprin aftertaste. It only works if you drink it all, I thought, and I forced the whole glass down as fast as I could.

Within minutes, I felt no pain. I thought this meant I could go to sleep, but I couldn’t; what came was related to a caffeine buzz the likes I cannot reproduce otherwise. The mocha-espresso drinks I have created for me when I need to be extra perky at work do not compare to the six-hour high from that dangerous drug mixture.

I believe I’ve repeated the concoction four times since, all on occasions when I was _that_ sick but absolutely _had_ to go to work. Any attempts to create this effect are at your own risk. If you try it and it messes up your body, I don’t want to hear it. Do not make one for a friend.

For the record, I didn’t make one to shake this bug either.


A favorite gripe of a friend of mine, whom we’ll call Mark for the sake of anonimity, is that whenever something he thinks is cool comes into existance, it’s almost certain to disappear from the market as quickly as he discovered it at all. I certainly know the feeling.

A while back, streakshooter wrote a bit about trying so hard to be yourself, and indeed, my comment was that I only tend to be fashionable for about a half a day, every five or six years. The last time this occured was when the Daft Punk Discovery videos were coming out. I always wanted to do a high tech pop record with animation like that…

I worry about my cousin though. I get the impression he only likes things because he sees other folks liking them or having fun, as if he has no sense of what’s fun, for himself. I hope that’s not true…


Some pretty words I heard on the radio while I was going to bed, worth repeating.

Got in a conversation with somebody in an internet chat and I kept talking about how stupid people can be in rush hour or in long lines at the store, and he kept replying ‘People get tired.’ Couple the thoughts and you get, Sometimes, we forget that our perception of the world is how we react to what’s happening around us, because we’re fatigued in some way, and it causes us to do rash things…

Just something to think about.

I’ll be back in a couple weeks. By then the last of this rasp will be gone. The whole time I’ve been getting better, I’ve been thinking about how bad I want to be able to sing again.

See you later.


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  1. ORANGE!  Hope you get better soon.  Personally I don’t take any medicines unless its to stop a running nose at work.  I won’t even take little headache killers.  I always go for extremely stupid things to cure sicknesses.  Such as drinking straight lemon juice, and even worchestersire sauce.  I don’t know where I ever got the idea that this helps, but I like to think it does… just so I don’t think I’m a complete moron otherwise.  Right now I’m sick in a different way.  I’m sick of this damn K.I.S.S. song lyric that got stuck in my head at work!  I think it’s called K.I.S.S. Disco or something like that.  Get better soon though, bills don’t pay themselves ya know.  ORANGE!


  2. feel better.  yeah, i would worry about your cousin too.  i feel sorry for people who feel they can only like things that others approve of.  takes so much of the joy out of life.  i sympathize though, sometime’s it’s hard not to feel that pressure.


  3. Y’know, now I wish I were sick right now so I could try out making that little concoction.  Don’t worry about my health/body though, because I’m still currently dragging it through the mud.  Hope you’re better by now, and I hope your next chance to be fashionable comes around again soon.  Because that’d be cool.  I have a feeling that everything you wrote about was the truth, especially when given broad range.


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