A quick thank you to my readers and their comments.

I’ve been away from the internet for a while because my computer went on the fritz but I’m back now and powered by the penguin.

Indeed, as I’m writing this, the US and UK have made their way into Iraq on their way to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s government.

If I must have a side in this, it is simply that I am against the deaths of innocent people everywhere. The truth of the matter here is that we will never know the truth, however. I believe that when all is said and done, even the history books won’t record what this war was really about, and I think that’s a disservice to the people that will die or be hurt on all sides.

I also question the aftermath of this conflict, but for now I digress. I choose to give you words of confidence.

50° and Gray’s Lake is still frozen…

We went for a ride because it was so nice and warm out, there’s no way you can just stay home. It’s hard to believe that just last week we were driving through an ice storm.

We got as far as Lake Geneva, WI… There were people walking on the lake surface, many of them fishing.

We didn’t have much of a winter in the midwest this year, but somehow I’m glad it’s almost Spring.

Throughout our trip, we noticed the price of gas kept dropping… indeed it’s still quite low despite the attacks already begun… the stock market has strangely improved as well…


At work last Saturday I was talking to a guy in the Navy who had just graduated from boot camp. I don’t know how the conversation got to it… I asked him if he knew he was going over to the war, and he said, yes, he definitely is, though he can’t tell me where. And I shouldn’t worry. He’ll be back soon. He said it with such a smile. I think I said I hope so, and told him to take care of himself…

If I’ve learned one thing from him, I think it’s this- Fear nothing. There’s nothing in this life worth being afraid of anymore.

Some comic relief from my trip to Minnesota a couple weeks ago. I didn’t know that the Twin Cities area was so hilly… it’s beautiful country around there, and they’re really pretty towns.


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Try to chin up, folks. I’m gonna try to write more shorter posts instead of fewer long ones, so I may be back in a week.

Take care in the meantime.


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  1. i saw a lot of people out ice fishing this weekend.  even though it was 60 degrees outside.  i heard of someone who fell into the water.  i didn’t feel sorry for him at all.
    i want to go to the mall of america.  i think i’ll make that my goal of something to do this year.


  2. Thanks for joining my bloggroup thingamy, I was sure no-one would ever join.  —— I love seeing those communal multi-participant word games in public spaces. And when people write nonsense in bathrooms and you can never be sure wether it means something or not.  Something like: FUD SOPEN


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