It feels like it’s already mid-April. I’m sorry I haven’t written sooner.

A quick thank you to all my readers.


dolphinajs: I didn’t see anybody fall through the ice from the car…

Mall of America has the most absolutely gorgeous decor I have ever seen in a shopping center. If only it had more than five stores to my taste…

Iwanttoleavemybody: Anybody that names themselves after a Green Velvet track has to at the very least have amazing tastes in music. I haven’t had much to say about music just yet though I may in the future… for now I’ll throw this bone: After 11pm Central listen to the live feed at

streakshooter: I tend to notice and find a kind of beauty in very subtle, urban things. My neighborhood is very worn out, but I see such amazing things, especially walking home, or waiting for the bus. I’ll tell you about them soon…

Aside from popular belief, there are indeed four seasons in the Midwest. I never believed people that said there were only two seasons here, but I can understand why folks have trouble perceiving them; it was explained nicely by a guy we’ll call Kevin. The four seasons in the Midwest are Winter, Summer, Demolition, and Construction.

We are now most certainly in the midst of Demolition. The large, vacant department store that’s supposed to be Anchor B at the mall I work in was demolished a few weeks ago, and the implements of destruction remain, cleaning up what looks like the remains of a freak tornado. Mind you, the real reason Kevin calls it Demolition is because instead of simply getting warmer, it seems as if the cold storms of winter fall apart in spells of warmth and downpouring rain.


I’m afraid I forget who I’ve paraphrased (or plaigiarised) for this one as well…

Stuffed awkwardly in the center of the back seat of a car riding with friends and friends of friends, I hear them talk about strange things; I don’t know if it was something from their role playing games or what… They’re talking about magic and past lives and readings and auras… And after some time, I realise they’re not talking about gaming, they really mean this stuff. I don’t know what to think.

On my left, one says he was a fox in a past life, and that it ended when a hunter killed him and his family in cold blood. He remembers what the man said, he could understand it to repeat it as plain English, and while cruelty to animals happens, I’ve never heard a hunter talk like he’s describing…

On my right, the other seems to be the advisor, just saying soothing words that wouldn’t be of much comfort unless you believe this mass delusion…

Driving, someone I’ve known a couple years now, says he’s died several times from accidents of his own curiosity. Nothing specific, not nearly so far fetched. Some talk of Tarot readings is neither offensive nor news to me.

In the co-driver’s seat, the friend I’ve known more than five years interjects as if he’s witnessing a carnival game. He’s not skeptical, but he’s not taking it seriously either. He asked for a reading from the one on my right, but got none, because she just met him.

I, in the middle, have nothing to say or add. On my left, he believes he has the astral body of a fox with multiple tails. I shut my eyes and meditate and believe no such thing. I was put here as a human being, and I witness miracles of man, nature, and super-nature all the time. I don’t need past lives and funny animal ghosts.

What am I supposed to think of this?

I’m not even certain I ought to be writing this, as they’ve probably mentioned all this in confidence. That’s why I haven’t even used imaginary names for this one…


Technology never turns out the way you want it to unless you throw stupid money at huge companies… even then…

Things are a little strange at home now but I hope to be able to write a bit more often; I at least have the rest of the material for the story above ready to go for sometime next week. Everybody take care.


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  1. I wonder if I was anything in a past life.  Probably dead.  Maybe my past life hasn’t happened yet?  I really don’t understand a lot of that spiritual stuff, but I’m sure to believe a little here and there.  But a fox that understands the english of a poetic hunter with nine tails?  Not likely.


  2. ORANGE!  I don’t know, there is something to past lives I say.  But we don’t die as animals and come back as humans.  Or die as humans and come back as animals.  If we did, we’d probably come back retarded with such small brains in a previous life and wouldn’t even bother thinking about past lives in this one with what brain power we do have.  Yeah, and as far as that technology goes, I remember bush saying something like “We can shoot the hair off a camels ass with the smart missiles we have!” but then again we can’t find Bin Laden or Saddam.  ORANGE!


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