Thanks for your comments. At least now I don’t feel so crazy.

funzone: I usually manage to add an entry every other week, depending on how busy I am. The writings for a post are scratched on a Handspring Visor (Palm Pilot clone) and when I decide I have enough for an entry, I compose one with a bunch of copy/pastes. I’m now writing this segment while I’m going to the bathroom at work. My break expired five minutes ago.

I’m flattered that you want to read more, you’re the first (actually, second if you count Mister_Green getting me started on Xanga) to actually say so.


It’s true; I though the Apple Newton was a bad idea. I hate dayplanners; I hate the notion that some notebook is telling you what to do and when. When I first heard of the Palm Pilot, I found its power intriguing but its purpose useless.

When the Nintendo Game Boy first came out, (the big videotape sized one!) I thought it was stupid. I didn’t understand the point of carrying a video game machine everywhere you go.

When I was in school, they told of computers being everywhere, shrinking, carried on our person. I thought it was completely far-fetched. I forgot what they said. Nobody could have told me that I’d someday own a computer I could fit in my pocket with five hundred times the memory of the computer I learned on as a child!

Someone we’ll call Mark gave me his spare Visor Deluxe as a birthday present. I’ve since apologized to PDA owners I’ve made fun of in the past. I didn’t think trying to make this PDA useful to me would be fun. It reminded me of what I liked in computers when I was little; mysterious box, magical in the right hands.

My Visor keeps track of my schedule and plays crappy video games. Occasionally, I rant in its general direction, it’s smaller than a notebook and I don’t have to be home to write in it. Oh, and I write most of my Xanga entries, by copying and pasting them in from Palm Desktop! If it won’t do what I want, I can even try to write a program myself, in C or BASIC.


I’ve been spoiled lately. The lady that lets me stay in her house (I pay rent, but I also owe so much that if she was just anybody, I’d have been evicted by now) lost her job, and she’s been letting me borrow the car for work and such. Of course, eventually she’ll need it back to go to interviews and her job, whatever that might be, and sometimes she just needs to go to the doctor or something, like Saturday.

So I had to catch the bus, like I normally would have if she was still working and all. I walked to the corner, and I waited there, seemed long enough, and then, the bus approached on its way down the street. I reached into my pocket for my fare money and made my way to the curb like a good little Pavlov’s Dog, and watched the bus maneuver into the left turn lane, around three cars. This didn’t bother me. I’ve seen bus drivers do some crazy shit and not harm anyone. What _did_ bother me was when the bus turned left and drove away, abandoning me, and the route. I stood there trying to process this surreal moment for about five minutes before I decided to go home, and luckily, I got a ride to work.

I’m accustomed to strange things happening while I wait for busses. I’ve seen all levels of amazing car go by, tuner or beater, and I’ve turned my head to watch a bicycle race speed on by.


Well, my friend has me over for role playing games every now and then, and well, one of the players died in the context of play; in fact, I think he died in one shot. He said he knew it was gonna happen, and decided to storm out of the apartment to get some air on the balcony in a kind of huffy fit, said something about how this never happens to him, or something like that.

I’m hoping it’s just poor sportsmanship.

Thanks again for your comments and readership. If funzone’s comment is an indication that I should post less words more often, feel free to say so. See you in a week or two.


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  1. i believe from personal experience that bus drivers all have the soul of darth vader.  of course, darth drove better in his cruiser.  he just needed smarter minions.  and a turkey sandwich.


  2. I hear most song writers get their best work from sitting on the toilet… J/K  That is so sad that the bus driver left you there.  I was laughing when I read it but it is not a funny thing….you poor thing


  3. ORANGE!  That bus driver probably had a bad case of the runs, and couldn’t comprehend anything at that point in time.  Yes, I used to make fun of palm pilots, but now since I forget everything about 5 seconds after I think of it, they don’t seem like a bad idea at all.  Alas, I must use a pen and notepad until I can scrunge up enough for a palm pilot.  One thing I think everyone can agree with as being stupid (unlike the gameboy which we’ve grown to love) is Divx discs.  Man, what were they thinking?  ORANGE!


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