Thank you all for your comments. By demand of about 20% of known readership, here’s an earlier post. Hope it’s refined enough.

funzone: Another inspirational black hole is the shower. Somewhere in the world, there’s a such thing as a waterproof PDA, but hell if I’m buying one…

streakshooter: My model (Handspring Visor Deluxe 8Meg) trades on eBay for about $60 if you look carefully enough. If you just need a day planner, and you don’t need pretty graphics and bells and whistles, that’s the way to go. I suggest at least 8M of memory in case you find it doesn’t do something you want it to, odds are somebody already wrote an application to do it. You don’t need speed and graphics to write and type.


“I want a grinder, a sub, a hero!”
– Homer Simpson

Somebody we’ll call Mark chuckled because I called the sandwiches Subway serves hoagies. At first, I thought he was referring to the undersized portions they serve, but actually, he was struck funny by my choice of the word “hoagie.” He always finds the way I choose to say certain things amusing, and assumes it’s because I’m really not from around here…

Here’s what I told a truck driver what I miss most about the town I grew up in, besides family- Food.

When I lived in Boston, recieving my high quality still-unpaid-for music school education, I decided I wanted a cheese steak for supper, so I went to a pizzaría and ordered one. After the standard ten minute wait, I was presented with a large pizza with little minute steaks for a topping. It was my first clue that food I took for granted is not necessarily available everywhere.

If you need more regionally biased surprises, go to a Wawa and buy some Tastykakes, preferably butterscotch Krimpets.

Better still, get in touch with me so you can mail me some. The four I have went bad in storage.

And now, just cos it was made fresh in my mind, a couple blasts from my somewhat distant past…


Near the end of my first year of college, which would place this event in early May of ’94, I lived in a large dormitory room with two roomates in a converted hotel on Commonwealth Ave in Boston. This is a very rich neighborhood, most of the buildings on this street were extravagant… Ours was forced into looking as drab as possible in order to turn it into a dormitory, and thankfully, they failed. We had an enormous ceiling with a hanging chandelier-style light…

Getting to the point, I had my final project due for a Baroque Counterpoint class, so I took to writing it right there on the spot, kinda humming it to myself as I went… I already knew how I wanted it to go based on the criterea and all… damn, did it get cloudy fast, I thought… Jotting busily with my special mechanical pencil, by then writing things fast had become an art, and only in my first year too… my pencil had thick HB soft leads to make writing note heads fast…

I finished, and walked out into the street to go to class before my time ran out. Funny, it looks cloudy but I still have a shadow on the ground, I thought…

As I crossed Newbury Street (That’s Boston’s equivalent to Rodeo Drive, a beautiful street with tons of stores all the way down it) people were staring at the sky, and a lot of folks had those filters… that’s when I suspected I was missing out on a solar eclipse. I couldn’t look at it, though. I wasn’t prepared with a filter. Oh well, I’ll ask someone at class and make sure, I thought.

Damn if it wasn’t on the money. Yeah, I didn’t know til today either, he said. :/ Oh well. Never saw my shadow in the dark like that before…


The guys above us in the dormitory had friends over every night… after a few nights of boredom they noticed that a street sweeper drove down commonwealth ave every night around midnight… I bet it comes at the same time all the time, they thought, and it escalated. They placed bets. More people in the building got into it, so they put a wipeboard on the door… you put your name, and the time to the second, and shove a dollar under the door… winner gets the pool…. by October, my midnights were filled with the whirring sound of the sweeper down the street, followed by “YES! YES! GO! GO! COME ON! NO!…” I got used to it pretty quick. No, I never played, not once. (The next year I got a zero on the college basketball pool, but I’ll save that for another time.)

Hopefully I didn’t just send so much that I won’t have anything to send next week… this is kindof a delicate learning process…

Best wishes to all, see you in a week or two.


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  1. Oh ya, and the shower is a very inspirational place I must say.  “personally I think your readers want you to update at least 2 times a week?”…Now Mister_Green is doing it to….gosh you guys can not do this to me….(LOL)


  2. ORANGE!  You should start a pool at work about those people that walk in the back hallway.  You know the ones.  Always carrying coffee and saying they gave cigarettes up last week.  Make a bet as to how many times they’ll walk by in a day going either way.  I seriously think that walking the back hallway is their only job.  I don’t think I’ve ever called a submarine sandwich by any name.  I’ve always eluded to the place such as “hey lets get Subway” or “I ate some Subway yesterday” or “I got some food from Schlotzky’s”.  It’s like the “Hey you” name that I give to people.  There are still people that after two months of working with, I don’t know their names and I see them everday.  I prefer calling them “hey ears at side of head” and “hey other guy with ears”.  ORANGE!


  3. what you call things is usually relative to the place where you grow up.  in boston they call pizzas a ‘pie’  which i never heard til i made a friend in college from there.  my dad was born there, but he converted to the ‘proper’ michigan speech. 
    one of my friends works security for the cmpus.  she places bets when certain people, who are out every night after they close the gates, come in.  i won twenty bucks off of her once.  it was a thrilling experience, til i lost the next night and childishly refused to play again


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