Hi everybody, I’m not exactly in a great mood today… I’m just trying to make the best of a strange situation…

Hours at work were cut again, so I’m only working two days next week. I don’t have to work until Friday, so…


1. Clean up my room. I have way too much dogpiled, lame shit stacked all over my room. (Just finished that before posting this!)

2. Finish my programming project. I’ve been spending most of the spare time in the past week, moving in on two, trying to cause my pile of Commodore 64’s and 128’s to make the lovely sound that they were famous for when I was nine years old. This has taken the shape of a massive assembly language project. Is this anyone’s idea of a good time?

OFF =$C001
DIE =$A55

– lda FUCK;
sta OFF;
and DIE;
bne -;
jmp IN’A’LAKE;

Fun, isn’t it? If I manage to make some noise with it, I’ll think so too.

3. I guess I could try to finally get my CD-Writer functioning…

4. Clean my bathroom. Details are not necessary, just been a while since I gave it a good scrub.

5. Watch the NBA playoffs. If it’s not too predictable. So far, so good.

6. Watch the NHL playoffs. Also if it’s not too predictable. I normally think hockey is better than NBA basketball (college hoops is a different entity entirely) but I’m getting burned out on dragging triple overtime games. Certain levels of soccer can call a tie during playoffs and continue in a dignified fasion the next time, why can’t hockey? You usually only have to wait a day or two for the next game.

7. The above assume they won’t shut off my cable. I apologize in advance, I’ll be away a while if that happens.

8. Finally play all those three to five year old video games I’ve never beaten, which is the reason I’m so burned out on the notion of ever owning a current video game.

Maybe something in there will make me think of something to write about?… I wish they’d have pulled this shit _before_ I agreed to send $175 to a bill collector.

I guess that’s the breaks. Hopefully this’ll blow over fast.

Thanks to everybody for reading and all your comments.

funzone: I’m trying to write more often, I promise…

What do you mean by saying I’m _almost_ as old as you? I get the impression that most of the regular internet users are college-aged, so I find myself always having to explain why I remember 1982.

El_Presidente: Welcome! Thanks and glad you like reading…

streakshooter: The last NCAA basketball pool I did was the year Princeton beat UCLA 44-42 in round 1. I think that was ’95. All my picks lost in round 1. _All_ of them.

Mister_Green: recent retail peeve- If nobody likes the WalMart brand of empty customer service, why are my Saturdays filled with folks that flock to the counter, never actually standing in line, coralling themselves, seeking the fastest and most impersonal method of checkout?

I hope Londo hasn’t donated too much plasma…


A sign on Milwaukee Ave.

Enough people must have busted Volvos around here so he can stay in business…

I just have a hard time imagining a repair shop that _only_ does Volvos… Imports… even only Euro cars… but Volvos? Are there really that many around?

(Says Jeff Foxworthy: If you think a Volvo is a part of a woman’s anatomy…)


There’s a saying that goes, “You can pick your friends, but you can’t pick your relatives.” I dare to add, you can’t really pick your friends either.

My friends hate each other. Not all of them, but I know that if I put them all together for, say, a wedding or something like that, I would have to make efforts to keep some of them separated.

I don’t really like certain friends of my friends, but… It doesn’t keep me from liking my friends! (Hope you all kept good track of that!) They’ve done too much good for me, sitting through a few hours with friends of theirs should not be a big deal.

I’ll casually forget that these are the same folks that brought my very straight friend to the gay district. He wasn’t listening when they said they were going there, because he did the same thing I would do when they’re in conversation: he ignored what they were saying because he was bored.

My friend will always be labelled as short-sighted, closed-minded, and ignorant among these people, just because he didn’t pay attention and expressly had a miserable time.

These folks don’t seem to notice that I rarely have anything to say to them… oh well.

It’s funny I’d want to write about that, cos the other day one of those friends (that I’m really friends with… hell, without her I wouldn’t live where I do now…) was recalling when we were rooming together and I came downstairs all mad because they were making racket and I couldn’t sleep and I had to work. I don’t remember that night at all…. I think it might have happened but really, I don’t remember anything about it…

Well, if there’s something worth writing about in the next few days I’ll probably be writing again sooner than later. Best wishes -ch


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  1. ORANGE!  Holy schmoly it’s back to pulling that ole’ cutting hours bit time of the year again eh?  That’s one thing I don’t miss about there.  Sure the redunancy… you get used to, the screaming children and stupid customers… you get used to, being told your hours are cut and you’ll be getting paid next to nil… priceless.  I stopped there today and saw one of the other cashiers (you can check the schedule for name) and I was thinking “chunter, not working a morning… what’s up with that?”  But I guess I see now.  To answer your question up there directed to me (if sarcastic, please excuse the reply), customers don’t want service.  They want people to offer them service, just so they can say “I don’t need any help… thanks.”  Aside from that, they want nothing more.  If they really need something, they’ll come to you.  Then you can say… “I’m sorry, we don’t have that”.  The story of 4 years of my life .  Ah well, perhaps you’ll find a pearl while cleaning up and maintaining the house that’ll lead you to a nice wad of money to enjoy.  Always seems to happen to me at least.  When I’m out of money, I remember… “my brother owes me 50$, time to collect ooooyeah!”  Well, I hope things turn out, and as far as the bathroom goes… my philosophy… if the water runs, everything’s fine.  ORANGE!


  2. I am sorry to hear about your job.  😦 that sucks. I must disagree with Mister_Green 🙂 don’t follow that advice always have a nice clean bathroom LOL, and I always want service, oh we are talking about shopping, never mind.  I hope things work out soon.


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