Well, in the past week, I can say I finally don’t have to worry about having time on the schedule.

My boss was sent off to another store, and the new boss remembers me and likes me enough that I instantly have a pretty full schedule. This was last Wednesday I think. Oh, and tomorrow morning some VP is coming and we absolutely had to turn the store upside down and make it look pretty. hat’s why I didn’t write again last week.

I found a program to make my old computers make noise, so I didn’t have to write one. I’m going back to my old project anyway, though some other time, just to prove I can do it, though.

Thanks for your comments and your time. I know it’s finals hell at a lot of schools now.


In the process of not really cleaning up my room (it is now merely a mess and not a complete disaster) I tore up the shelf to my immediate right, and hid all the video tapes away. I haven’t watched most of them in at least two years.

I always have to keep repeating to my friends that I don’t own a DVD player yet. I can’t think of enough good reasons to buy one.

The last two movies I liked enough to want to see more than once were both Miyazaki imports, and I watched them enough that I don’t really want to see them again at home… oh well.

I _did_ recently like a movie called ‘Storytelling’ that my pal just decided to put on one day when we were eating at his place… my creative writing classes in college were very much like that, and perhaps it explains the success of trashy reality TV.

Last night, that same friend finally put his foot up my ass so I have a functional CD recorder in this thing now.


The guy from the Remington razor store came in to the toy store last Saturday and watched as someone’s unholy terror wreaked havoc in the toy store.

As this boy’s mother caught up with him, Remington Guy said, “Spanky spanky?”

The lady, who appeared to be of Arabic persuasion, looked up but didn’t reply.

“Don’t you think he should get a spanking for that?”


A friend of mine who worked in a department store for a long time, told me about a day when a member of management decided to call it quits.

He went into the closet with the public address, loaded a CD with the perennial fave “Take This Job and Shove It” by Johnny Paycheck (I’m sure his name is not a coincidence) and set it on infinite repeat, turned up the volume as high as it would go, and locked his keys inside, taking his leave from the store forever.

The song played all day.

As for the Cinco de Mayo thing… you’d think there’d have been a lot more racket out here last night. I live right on the border of the Mexican neighborhood, if you can clearly make boundaries around that sort of thing… I can walk four blocks to Supermercado Gonzales and watch the clerks stare at me like I have three heads while I pick things off the shelves like I actually know what they are (perhaps, beacuse I _do_) but anyway…

There were a few sirens but no major incidents.

Hope everything’s well and if I’m not too overworked I’ll have something to write after the weekend I’m guessing.

Take care and bye for now.


4 thoughts on “

  1. ORANGE!  The good ole’ days of a spanking.  Now you can’t even rap a kid on the wrist when they’re bad without getting CPS called on ya.  What happened to the times when you could take off a belt and snap it just to scare a kid out of acting bad.  I wish I could tell you about something spectactular about Cinco De Mayo, but honestly I can’t even remember yesterday for some reason.  Probably for the best eh?  ORANGE!


  2. i can ever seem to not hear sirens.  cinco de mayo was no exception, although there was more of the :p
    unholy terror eh?  i’m so glad my parents instilled some fear in me and wouldn’t let me do so, or at least i’d pay the consequence if i tried.
    movies suck, they’re all the same anymore…


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