Here’s a faster one before I disappear for the weekend, just cos it kinda demands timing…

R.I.P. – OLD MAN OF THE MOUNTAIN (prehistory-2003)

This humungous natural rock formation on the side of a mountain on a state park in New Hampshire likely collapsed and fell during one of the ice storms that beat up on the Northeast this year. None of the park rangers saw it happen, they just rode by one day, looked up and noticed it was gone.

I saw the face once, when my friends in Boston brought me out there hiking on an impromptu retreat. I saw it from the top of another mountain, it was cool and damp out, hard to breathe. We were really out of shape.

Visit for more info; it does a much better job of describing it and telling the story. And stay away from eBay poachers trying to sell pieces of the granite- if it’s legit, it’s property of the State of New Hampshire, and if it’s not, what’s the point?


There’s a quote I wish I could take credit for. In fact, I wish it had come from someone other than just some schmo I was chatting with here on the internet one day…

It came from a conversation about folks who use the assortment of internet chatting engines to excersise their skill in typing with one hand while… doing something else to themselves with the other.

There are certain things in life I should be more content to not understand. It doesn’t seem worthwhile to obsess over why it’s so important for some folks to get their jollies that it’s a wonder they even bother to seek a partner.

But anyway…

Now that I have a functional CD writer, I’ve started collecting samples to fill a disc up as a library. I’ll keep you posted if I make any progress in that way. I have something like 7 or 8 megabytes of personal web space storage going to waste on this ISP account.

Everybody take care and see you soon.


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  1. I went to that site, that was cool, you really got to see it up close?  I find it hard to type with just one hand. LOL, it’s always best to use both hands, you have more fun, OH I mean when you type.  Have a great week. :)~


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