I meant to put something between the bit about Geraldo and the rest, I remember now.



This is an opinion on a Reuter’s story I read on Monday, I think… but the opinion says it better than the original story does. Summarized, in case you didn’t visit- a brilliant scientific study out of London has confirmed what we’ve known for centuries: politicians lie. Not only do they lie, but, they wouldn’t lie so often if we didn’t *gasp* ask them so many questions! How many brilliant minds were wasted on that one?

This isn’t as priceless as a TV news story that hit when I was still in college: A new scientific study shows that men are different from women! Have you checked your drawers lately?

Not that I consider social study a waste of time- indeed, we need to find out once and for all why we have ghettos and what we’re supposed to do to either prevent them or keep them safe and happy. We do need to make sure that whatever information science extracts both makes sense and is useful, however. It’s an important part of that scientific method thing they only spent five seconds on in high school.

It’s not the first part of the study that’s eerie, though, it’s the second. Are we to gleam from this study that we shouldn’t ask politicians what they’re planning to force upon us?

The article cited three reasons why politicians lie. One of them is security, and wartime related. Gotta keep the people confident when they’re afraid of some kind of enemy. I can live with that.

The other two instances are invasions into personal life (Clinton’s oral action was cited) and cases when the politician just doesn’t know the answer. The first thing I learned as a salesperson was how to properly say ‘No, we don’t have it’ or ‘No, we can’t do that.’ The second thing was how to say ‘I don’t know, but I think _he_ does’ or ‘I don’t know but I think you can find out over there.’ Not hard to deal with in a multibranched government.

Let’s encourage news and politics in a direction that allows people to say things like ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I was wrong.’ Right now, our political system requires folks to choose one pole or the other fanatically, with nothing mixed up or in between, as most normal people think.

I digress.

Thanks for your comments.

funzone: Finding a match for your sex drive doesn’t sound any different from finding a partner that doesn’t mind when I’m watching football or auto racing all day.

El_Presidente: That’s part of what’s creepy about the internet- even with photographs, there’s still only so much I can learn about a person from reading words! Even talking on the telephone, you can pick up a little bit more but the rest gets filled in by imagination. What makes a person is the stuff we can’t see or express, that’s why it feels like we have to put masks on for people all the time.




I’ve read several folks’ blogs saying things like, “This is probably more like the real me,” like their other logs are all BS or made up or something…

Now, I don’t mean to criticize per sé, I even think I put on my share of masks for different sorts of people.

I remember one of the guys at work telling me, “You’re so two-faced! The instant the gate goes down, your voice lowers an octave and the words ‘fuck’ and ‘shit’ are readded to your vocabulary!” This is, of course, said during clean-up on a Sunday; the store long since closed. He’s right, of course. I can’t talk like that when the toy store is open.

So how is the person minding the cashwrap not me? Our customers don’t get to learn that I cuss at home.

Don’t mistake privacy for phoniness (Is that a word?)

Vocabulary notwithstanding, is what you say that much different than what you write?

Manage to read The Little Prince yet? The fox says, “Language is the source of misundertandings.”

Knowing that, we just have to write what we think is appropriate.

I’ll be around.. everybody take care


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  1. ORANGE!  Yes indeed to that swearing part as soon as the gates crash.  It’s not like the person telling you that, whoever, doesn’t switch mental patterns at that exact moment too ya know?  Side note, which may mean nothing, I’m listening to “In The Ghetto” by Elvis right now and wow… it’s uplifting while it’s saddening.  ORANGE!


  2. wow 2 posts in one week.  🙂 that makes me happy. Now I have a question, if your partner sits on you and wants you and you are football or auto racing all day would you tell your partner to go away or would you take them up on the offer?


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