Congratulations to Gil de Ferran, winner of the last left-turns-only race that I still care about, the Indy 500, and the first person in the last three years not named Helio to win the Indy.

Thanks for your comments.

Mister_Green: You know about those Buddhist monks that got brainscanned to prove that they’re really happy? Perhaps store clerks should be brainscanned to learn about how different they are while they’re on or off the clock?

funzone: See? I really didn’t have anything to do all week! The only reason I didn’t write _yet again_ was because on Thurday my friends drug me out and while it was a good time for a while, by Saturday it was really old.

Okay… so, if somebody sits on me and wants me while I’m watching a race or a game…

My girlfriend once walked out on me and went home when I was in high school, because I was focussed rather deep on Duke vs North Carolina. It’s the only time anything like that happened, and didn’t really hurt the relationship.

Of course, at the time she wasn’t exactly hanging all over me, and that was long before we had ever had sex. Did I say that out loud? Anyway..

I don’t think I can answer that honestly, because the odds of somebody’s body being flung in my general direction while the super bowl is on are rather slim right now. From my own imagination, I’d say it would depend on just what I was watching. If it was any old boring game I’d turn off the TV, but if it was the soccer World Cup final, somebody’d have to take a 90 minute raincheck or something. Especially the ’98 final when France knocked Renaldo on his ass the likes which has never been repeated…


If the name doesn’t instantly ring bells, she’s the lady that played in a men’s golf tournament (from men’s tees and everything); she missed the weekend cut by four strokes.

I wanted her to make the cut and be competetent. I always thought as a teen, and even younger, that I’d live to see the day when at least one woman can play competently in the NBA, even if it’s just as a non-scoring 3-forward, or as a soccer midfielder that can score on a dime, or in baseball as a defensive infielder or a pitcher or something.

I guess it’s still a long way off. The way the guys down their supplements and medicines, I don’t even think it’s humanly possible, but Annika was a glimmer of hope in that direction. (And missing by four isn’t that damned bad, actually.)

I miss women in auto racing. It used to be fairly common to see at least one or two female drivers in the news for Indy weekend… where’d they all go? :-/


A lot of folks still seem to be bugging over lost friends and all… at least that’s from what I can tell. I agree with El_Presidente’s declaration that if you really want something done you ought to make sure you do it yourself, because sometimes you just can’t count on anybody else to do it for you.

My dad learned that one the hard way, and I didn’t even learn it completely from watching my dad. After I figured out what it felt like to have people let you down a ton of times, I realised that’s the reason my parents got divorced. My dad used to have these grandiose plans to make the whole family, and himself, of course, rich and powerful and what not, and when the family didn’t want to go along with it, well… it flopped. I also learned this lesson in trying to start bands with inadequate musicians in high school, and learned to program sequencers to replace the musicians I couldn’t find, or weren’t good enough. If my music is gonna be on a CD anytime in the near future, it’s gonna come out of the CD writer of this computer, and that’s that.

Sadly, you can’t apply that thinking to love. Love requires a complete sacrifice, knowing that it doesn’t have to accept anything you throw at it. It comes and goes as it pleases.


You can’t tame love. Can love tame you?

I got a phone call on Wednesday night from my friends, they were inviting me to go to a Karaoke bar the next day. I didn’t want to go.

“But you’re one of the ones that actually goes up there to sing,” the phone said. “(Voice away from phone) Hey, Mark, convince him to go!”

I went. We didn’t go to the Karaoke bar, though, because we couldn’t afford to, so it ended up turning into a sleepover party at their place which was just okay.

It was old by Saturday.

My point? Why didn’t I just say no?


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  1. But did you have fun at the sleepover?  Ok so when you get into a situation, when you have a game on “like the finals” and your girl sits in your lap and starts to rub on you let me know if you would blow her off or not. LOL Kidding.  I hope you had an ok weekend inspite of going out with your friends getting old.   Can love tame you?


  2. yeah, to put it bluntly, you got it all wrong, but it’s ok, it was a cryptic entry. 
    basically, my friends are very very important to me.  i cry over the possibility of losing one, which makes me out to be some loser, oh well.  besides that, i’m picky on who i do become friends with, i have mostly acquaintances. 
    also, i’m going into interior design, my current job has nothing to do with that field, but taking care of these people has become important to me, more important than the original reason i started (aka, money and working with then boyfriend)
    i appreciate your comments, just fyi, they are blunt and from a point of view which is refreshing to hear from.  thank you. 
    it’s tough counting on people.  i tend to do everything myself (very independant).  but it’s a lesson i learned over time, in experiences like your dad’s.  most people start out wanting to lean on others, and they grow out of it.


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