Just wanted to write one real quick because I actually wanted to write this last night. Oh, and I don’t like the last one very much.

In case you actually did like the last one, I’m as half-asleep now writing this one as I was writing the other one before it, so no worries. Thanks for your comments.

dolphinaijs: I wanted to apologize for how rash that comment was since I made it half asleep, so I guess I still do apologize, though I appreciate that you… um… appreciated it anyway. (I bought five dictionaries the other weekend when Mark brought me to the surplus/reject book sale, why wasn’t one of them a Thesaurus?) I actually don’t know how people can keep more than a handful of friends. Mine seem so high maintanance that I can’t imagine having more than four or five at a time. Not complaining, I prefer it that way. (I find people who say they have tons and tons of friends to be kinda shallow)

funzone: I sorta had fun at their place… It’s kinda hard to explain that easy. It’s all cool until it’s 4 in the morning but nobody’s going to bed, or when you’re in an adult book store waiting for somebody to pick out a um… toy. It’s funny watching over 40ish guys sort through the magazines all silent and serious looking like they’re in a library or something… I also got weary of conversations that started with ‘Have you seen the Matrix yet?’ ending abruptly with a mixture of yeses and nos.

It was a nice change from the developing routine of wake up late and do nothing, though.

Some members of the FBI and INTERPOL would like to know why The Matrix Reloaded is the #2 DVD on Xanga.

I swear I had an article to post but I can’t think of anything now. It might have been something about the economy. This weekend was alright, but compared to what a Memorial Day weekend ought to be saleswise, it was horrendous.. people need to spend money or something! The noodles and sit in front of my computer while I wait for my next day at work thing is starting to get old… Then again, every day I have to thank god I’m still working at all.

I hope everybody’s hanging on okay.


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  1. LOL, so what kind of toy did they get.  See next time tell them its faster to order on line.  So when you find that article to post then you will be posting again!  Oh I changed the picture on my site a few days ago, I get bored seeing the same thing all the time.  And I agree with you when you only have a handful of friends, that is how I am.  I am also an introvert so being around too many people wares me out fast, I am very friendly and happy most of the time but for me its easier to maintain a few good friendships.


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