Thanks to all readers for comments.

Those with sensitive eyes, ears, or minds should skip past my reactions to comments.

funzone: I am about to tell you the name of the adult toy that someone we’ll call Ben wanted to buy in the adult book store last weekend, only because funzone asked. The toy he bought was a twelve inch dildo. If you are offended by the use of the phrase “twelve incho dildo,” or would prefer not to read “twelve inch dildo” in any of my posts, please send complaints to funzone, because funzone specifically asked me to tell you that the adult toy that night was indeed a twelve inch dildo. If you would prefer I neer use phrases like “twele inch dildo” ever again, please make it a point not to ask me what adult toys people are buying when they drag me to risque places. Thank you.

El_Presidente: Eevrybody needs the occasional lazy day. It seems lately that my days off are as busy as my days working, which is starting to strafe because when I worked all the time I actually brought home a significant amount of money… Oh well.


My “cousin” graduated from the eight grade today. I call him my cousin for conenience. He’s the lady whose house I rent the bedroom from’s son. (That’s right, I’m so broke I have to live with somebody _else’s_ mom.)

The ceremony was interesting- their class theme was ‘No Mission is Impossible.’ (Their song was the theme to “Mission: Impossible’. Why couldn’t my class pick a tune like that?) The speakers spewed out the normal stuff about hard work and success, but I also remember hearing more than one teacher saying ‘nothing in life comes easy’ and ‘be proud, you can now tell people that you have acheied something.’ At my schools those sorts of things were never said.

My high school principal’s motto was ‘Attitude is Everything’. As many times as I heard how important education is supposed to be, it made it seem as if college is supposed to be a magic carpet ride to easy liing. Don’t mean to scare anybody, but it’s not even remotely true.

But sticking to the subject, aside from all these people breaking fire code, shoing each other in the aisles to get photographs, it was an interesting ceremony, and well,I feel better having sat through the speeches. I think I understand why so many job ads say they want ‘goal oriented individuals’ now.


I beliee it is the hindustani people who teach that life is experienced as if viewing white light through a prism. Some of us see red and yellow, some of us will see blue, indigo, violet, depending on where we view the prism from. We’re not supposed to be interested in the prism, we only need the white light behind it, if only white light didn’t blind us.

Attitude is the lens we view life through. We all need to apply a little windex to it every now and then.

Howeer, since we all see different points of view, it’s not enough to just smile at the world and expect a smile right back. That’s why nothing in life comes easy.

If our photographers in the aisle had demonstrated enough recognition, that if you just photograph your child getting the (fake) diploma and then return to your seat immediately, there would have been no issues today.

I’ll let you know when I figure out a solution to that one.


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  1. DISCLAIMER: I second that El_Presidente did not buy the aforementioned… toy. In fact, I don’t think I live anywhere near El_Presidente. Thank you.


  2. LOL come on now!  He should have gotten a twelve inch vibrator, they would be much more fun! That is so funny, you crack me up.  Tell you friend he could have more fun with something that vibrated!


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