Its been 181 days since joining Xanga. And I’m not joining Xanga Premium.

I’d like to apologize for letting a thread go completely down the toilet. The moral of the story was supposed to be, ‘Be careful what you ask someone.’ but I think it’s more like ‘Be careful what you tell someone right before a long weekend.’ Or something.

IU’m especially sorry for putting people on the spot.

We had a yard sale of all the junk in the basement (we only sold a quarter of it though) and we had a big party for my cousin’s 8th grade graduation. We barely made mortgage, but the car has a full tank of gas and we have enough food to last a week or two, so life is pretty good.

One of the ladies that was helping us out, and in turn selling more stuff than we were… decided to give up her old college computer books. She learned to program at the beginning of the 90’s, so all her books are about this not newfangled, but definitely growing programming language called ‘C’ that was monopolizing all computers… as well as some useless books about system-level programming on a VAX. She’s been a friend of a friend for eons and not once have I ever heard her talk about programming.

I kept the ‘C’ book. My C skills are quite lacking.

This same person wanted to know why I didn’t want to talk with the two party guests that were drinking and smoking and talking about sex, drinking, smoking, and movies, in that order. Why do you think?


I woke up this morning to the radio going over all the little ‘graduation’ songs that have appeared over the years, and the finale of it all was a National Lampoon bit called “Deteriorata!” It is a play on a much older poem called ‘Desirata’ or something like that. Think of it as the Sunscreen song way before its time.

“You are a fluke of the universe. You have no right to be here.”

It may sound rude, but there’s a chance it may be true, we should understand it and be more appreciative of our time here.

“Rotate your tires.”

“Wherever possible, put people on hold.”

“Despite the changing fortunes of time, there is always a future in computer maintanance.”

That’s why my pals and I drag computers out of the trash and make them work, right?

Where was this song when I was 18? I suddenly feel the urge to put a group together just to perform this song in front of my high school’s front doors.

I’m sorry this post’s been all rants but this one’s gotta come out now.


I saw this PSA spot while I was watching Ducks and Devils the other night (who drops their stick?) and it’s got me somewhere between thinking and upset.

A lady’s talking on the phone while her two kids are playing around at the kitchen table.

“I’m sorry, I really dont have the money right now.

“Yes, I know it says ‘final notice’.”

I’ve been at her end of this conversation, and I don’t have kids to worry about.

I also know the voice on the other end of that phone doesn’t care if you have kids to feed. It doesn’t care if you live or die, it’s just doing a job to make sure that it’s one of the other four families.

Then comes the message. One in five American families must choose between heat and feeding their children. My household is officially one of them. Our gas bill is late.

One in five American families must choose between heat and feeding their families. That’s 20%. That’s tens of thousands per metropolitan area.

One in five American families must choose between heat and feeding their families.


Everybody uses these things to endorse their favourite bands and stuff. My pal showed me The Avalanches the other night.


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  1. Hey! talk about the sex store again.  PLEASE! LOL you are too funny, I am commenting from the last one, I put a comment on that one too! Sorry I missed your update I was out of town.


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