A surprise to see if anyone’s watching, and of course because leaving graffitti on the internet when you technically have no presence there is kinda fun. It’d be more fun from a college campus but my pal’s house will do. Other surprise visits may follow.


What was supposed to be one of the first digital talking toys’ sympathetic support towards what little girls might find difficult was turned into a holy stink- but that’s not what this one’s about.

My original title would have been WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE SUCK AT MATH?

Just for starters, I want a dollar every time a cashier rings me up and fails to count back my change from the amount I owe to the amount I pay.

The trigger for this of course, though, was a lady that pointed out that the summery water toys she bought were 40% off for being out of season. “The original price was 2 for $5.”

“10 percent of five dollars is fifty cents. Four of those makes two dollars, you’ve saved a dollar off each $2.50 item.”

40% is two fifths, to put it another way. Each fifth of $2.50 is 50 cents.

Perhaps it’s just a psychology of such a large number.

Another one is the discount for shopworn merchandise.

“I can only give 10% off that thing.”


“That’s only a dollar off, that’s regularly $9.99.”

“Oh, I don’t want it then.”

I don’t expect perfection or anything, but I’m not good at math, so why can I figure this stuff out?

I’m not one to say “Stupid people piss me off” or anything either. Check out Animal Farm or Brave New World or something like that if you need to know why.

But I know that the same basic education is available to anyone, and if you really want to learn about something, the resources are available to you cheaply, if not free, probably at your local library if not via your internet connection.

Hope everyone’s doing well. My next rant will be about public literacy.


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  1. ORANGE!  Great to see an entry again.  I’m not good at math either.  Writing a withdrawal slip at the bank proves it when the cashier corrects me.  Apparently “Give me all your money bitch!” on the slip should have said “Give me all the money bitch!”  Damn, I only got 25$ from that withdrawal slip .  ORANGE!


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