My pal lent me his guitar quite a while ago part so I could get my guitar-playing chops back (what few there were) and part so I could help him out by playing his guitar. We couldn’t keep up with the payments and had to give the guitar back to the store but that’s beside the point for now…

I’m working on some bar chords late at night trying to get my left hand to like holding a neck again, and my cousin (just turned 14) knocks on the door intending to say goodnight.

“I wanna learn guitar.”

The fact that his mother nor I can afford to get him a guitar, or I wouldn’t have to borrow someone else’s internet to begin with, and the guitar wouldn’t be sitting in the music store waiting for another buyer, that’s not enough; the only reason he even thought that is because he saw me playing.

How much of my behaviour is just copying off somebody?

The only reason it bothers me is because I’m no role model.


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  1.   “If your kid makes one of those little homemade guitars out of a cigar box and rubber bands, don’t let him just play it once or twice and then throw it away. Make him practice on it, every day, for about three hours a day. Later, he’ll thank you.”Deep Thoughts, by Jack Handey


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