Did you know that Xanga works under the very ungraphical browser Lynx? Unfortunately it doesn’t handle the line feeds correctly… when I get to a real machine I’ll edit this entry.

I’m at my pal’s again and I’m tinkering on the beginnings of my new toy- when this puppy’s done, not only will it have graphics, it will have a DVD in it, and I want to put a big hard disk in so I can put a video board with TV ins and outs and make this my do-all video machine, and to boot, it’s a mini ATX box that I can shove in my backpack. It probably won’t be done until after Christmas but I’m impressed so far.


I don’t think I’ve ever heard a better description of the world. That single line in the song that made Seal famous is the reason I cringe when people say things like “stupid people shouldn’t breed” or “I hate dumb people.” The thought that some people just don’t want to be smart or rich is everything both right and wrong with the world we live in.

You get in a car, you turn the key, it turns over, the engine runs. You put the car in drive, it takes you where you want it to take you and that’s that. You probably know to fill a tank with gasoline petroleum occasionally, and maybe you know that occasionally you have to check on and change its lubricants so the car’s engine will continue functioning properly, but that’s unacceptable. Why don’t people know the physics of driving, or running an internal cumbustion engine?
We don’t have to settle for a world filled with uneducated people, meandering from one day to the next endlessly, as if killing time, waiting for death; the tools to make the world a better place are freely available to anyone, but why haven’t we? Maybe we just don’t want to.

Edited in Opera.


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