Sorry I haven’t responded to comments: most of these lately have been written at the last minute, before I have to leave, or go to bed, at my pal’s place, etc.

Londo: Lately, it’s been the ‘I wanna write video games’ thing that’s replaced ‘I wanna play guitar’… I’ll bring up my nephew a bit later.

The point of that whole post was more about… well, I’m not familiar with how to deal with peer pressure because peer pressure simply doesn’t work on me. It’s more like a deterrent: Everybody is doing it so I don’t have to. I think I’ve written about that already. Somebody let me know if I haven’t.

El_Presidente: Sometimes I don’t have a choice I guess, but when I started renting the extra room it was under the assumption (if not condition) that I’m not a babysitter. We have fun every now and then but I don’t (probably can’t) punish him or anything…

This weekend is the ham radio show… I should be able to build that little PC after tomorrow…

UPDATE: Ham show sucked, didn’t find anything…


Just because I said I would.

I don’t expect a person from a country where English is not the main language to suddenly be able to read and speak fluent English just to visit this country. If enough folks move in that speak a different language, eventually the other language will take over- ask one of those Native American Indian folks. That’s not what this is about.

Consider what kind of people go to a toy store: an assortment of adults of many ages and nationalities and their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and so on.

Most children under 6 cannot read at all. Adults from foreign countries usually can’t be expected to read English well, unless of course, they’re from England, or Australia, or whatever… but give or take, about 60% of the people that enter a toy store cannot read well.

Knowing this, why is the core way of generating sales and attracting attention to post a sign that reads ‘SALE – BUY ONE GET THE 2ND FREE – SELECTED DIE-CAST CARS’ or ‘FREE – WITH $20 PURCHASE’ when if you’re lucky, the only things understood are the arabic numerals and possibly words like SALE and FREE.

Item names are certainly right out.

So, why use signs when most folks have trouble interpretting them?

Perhaps it’s wiser to choose a sale that’s easier to interpret. It’s such a delicate mix, though, because a sale or a closeout won’t work unless people feel like they’re getting away with something.


A quote in a conversation with a customer, somewhere in the middle of it. She wanted me to tell her that our prices beat the living smack out of the WalMarts and Targets of the world. If I thought our prices did, I wouldn’t say so anyway- go to Target and see how much higher the prices are. Of course, the real reason to shop in a toy store and not the toy section of a Target is the rotating selection. (Our selection doesn’t do enough rotating, ask Mister_Green…) Price has hardly to do with it, except when we buy Target’s to close them out…

I wonder if I’ve broken any corporate rules? If I have, it’ll be censored in a week or two or three, nothing personal.

Thanks for reading and I hope you’re all doing well.

I might have an internet connection soon but I’m not holding my breath. If it turns out I’ll explain it on that entry. Bye for now. -ch


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  1. ORANGE!  Cow costume eh?  Yeah, had I not left already… I’d be leaving now.  I don’t have much dignity left… but come on… a damn cow!  Elvis, I’d do it.  A cowboy or firefighter, no problem.  A cow… there’d better be a hell of a raise.  ORANGE!


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