Here’s a quick one that I just want to write down while it’s fresh on my mind. It’s probably gonna offend people, but that usually happens when I write something at 2 am.

I think I just found a header title…


Actually, I don’t like that one very much but it probably got some attention… maybe I’ll leave it, mostly because I can’t think of another one.

Before anybody gets offended, bear in mind that I’m not really trying to single anyone out here…

This is not about pushing the limits of your workplace’s sexual abuse policy…

This entry has too many elipses…

The notion of me writing this here isn’t even news to most of my friends. The notion of popularity has always been a puzzler for me, mostly because I like a lot of things that aren’t popular. And that’s not what this is about either…

This is about me failing to focus after two in the morning…

Here’s a better header:


This is a kind of survey for anyone that reads this and feels like submitting an answer.

A part of me has become (has become? has always been is more like it…) weary of folks that assume somebody would find some third person, or some aspect of some third person, immediately attractive.

A female friend of mine talking with some gentlemen of the homosexual persuasion about the pale dude that played the elf in Lord of the Rings comes to mind.

My cousin referring to any of the carbon-copy girls in the Buffy-Angel-Charmed suite as ‘cute’ comes to mind as well…

[The sentence to follow the last one has just been deliberately deleted.]

It’s not just the pop-idol worship thing, either- I just don’t understand what the precise physical dimensions a woman ought to have before my coworkers are supposed to risk their jobs by gawking at them from the gate. Can you quantify that sort of thing? I dare you to do so.

What is a sexy voice? What is a sexy personality?

I expect of course that these answers are different for everyone, but, that’s kindof the point.

I don’t expect replies unless I make some attempt to participate, so here goes:

I can honestly confess I used to have a certain ‘thing’ about red hair. Whatever it was, it isn’t there anymore.

As for physical dimensions, I’d like to announce to the world’s female population that I’m pretty sure all those units of sex-ed said that in puberty, girls become somewhat round. What I’m trying to say is akin to Sir Mix-a-Lot’s somewhat famous rant. Obesity is dangerous, but a certain amount of curved shape is supposed to happen in a woman’s body. The joint’s not called ‘Sticks for Women’ now, is it?

Voice? No idea.

Personality? Well, I guess a positive demeanor is kindof important but to me, a real personality takes a lifetime to figure out. It is possible to be friends with somebody and not be able to get along with that same person while attempting to share the same house! It’s also possible to live harmoniously with people you wouldn’t keep in touch with if you didn’t live together.

Wish I could be more specific… that’s my point, though.

I couldn’t name a single face on TV that does anything for me. All the teeny-idols with their photoshopped faces and test-tube bodies don’t really do it for me, and yes, that includes Britney and Christina… To make the scene complete, imagine your big sister (if you have one) sticking her tongue in some freaky clone-girl’s throat and that becomes my take on the old MTV fiasco… (Yes, Madonna reminds me of my sister, therefore she’s not attractive to me in a sexual way, never was.)

Enough ranting. With any luck I’ll be able to respond to your comments some time in the next two weeks. Thank you all in advance, see you next time.


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