Every year, around this time of year, we have to have the ubiquitous round-layout toy train to show off so that people can stare at it and want one to decorate their upcoming holiday lives… and kids stare at it… reach their hands out to it…

Crack… CRUNCH!… *grind* *grind* *grind*…

I remember seeing trains like that under Christmas trees when I was little, hell, we even had the big layouts in the basement with lichen trees and the whole works, my dad, and I’m guessing his dad and a couple of my uncles too, were all into it… I don’t remember ever breaking anybody’s train set… I’d have probably been shot or something.

I just wanted to play with the little box with the gigantic knob on it that makes the train go. And that switch that tells what direction to travel in, yeah, that’s about it.

When kids see the train in the window. do they know there’s a little box I use to make it go?

When you see something you’ve never seen before. or do something you’ve never done before, do you lookfor the box that makes it work. or do you touch it and watch it break?

See you next time.


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