Hi everybody… This is posted at the end of a long day that followed a long party that frankly should have ended four hours before it actually did.

But anyway, thank you all for your comments.

dolphinajs: Christmas is still my favourite holiday, even after five years in a toy store, putting up with the high-stress end of things. At least now I can tell little kids what it’s like to be a Santa’s elf and mean it…

I used to be all about staying up all night Christmas Eve and getting up super early on Christmas Day anyhow, but nowadays I can sleep through the lot. Last year, I got a jacket for Christmas and not much else, but it didn’t bother me. I think it’s more the exileration leading up to the day than anything else.

It helps that I am fortunate: I do not have a reason to hate my family.

This article is completely unrelated.


A song called “Seems Uncertain” is probably the main reason to get the latest 311 offering…

In my own words, I understand why people my age and younger get confused and frustrated about religion. But it also frustrates me that most of these folks don’t seem to believe in anything at all!

This thought process in me began in college when I asked someone, if you don’t believe in any sort of God at all, to whom do you give thanks over Thanksgiving break? He did, after all, celebrate Thanksgiving.

I believe that the frankly monotheistic, grandfatherly Creator of Native Americans is the same one that made Adam and Eve, whoever they were. At the core, most religions are pretty much identical.

The differences between religions are like the differences between you and me- the results of nature and nurture alters our perceptions of basic emotions. When some loser thinks God wants certain people to die, or that only this one group of people can know the nature of this one true God, we shouldn’t hold it against God.

It is not a reasonable excuse for not believing in God anymore.

If you think there’s no evidence of the divine in your life, I can handle that, but don’t let a few jerks cause you to stereotype against people who believe in things and want good things for the world.

I wish I knew how to keep people from believing bad things, though…

and there’s another side of the coin, too…


or perhaps


The more I learn about how the world around me works, the more I wish I just didn’t know.

So many of the cool things we have now are the results of fanatical polititians arguing for somebody’s rights somewhere, and those folks probably had agendas you will never agree with.

At times I wish for moderation, because I know that in truth there isn’t a single politician on earth that can properly represent _me_… but, I also know that middle-ground doesn’t win votes in Congress. Moderation upsets the very fabric of our democratic culture, because it creates a government that can’t act on anything at all.

And at a normal citizens’ level, it means no internet, among other things.

I’ll go into better detail if someone asks.

Bye for now.


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  1. I think I agree. I definitely understood all of it at least! Mostly though, I think kids who show disdain for something without investigating it and educating themselves (even adults for that matter) are missing a large purpose in life. We are here to learn after all. At least I think that’s why we’re here….. ok that’s one reason.
    And yes, I believe in Astrology. I don’t take it verbatim but despite trying to disprove it countless times I’ve had to give up and accept it has it’s merits. Then again, it does take some wading these days to find the good professionals in the field


  2. ORANGE!  That religious point is the single most largest hatred I had in philosophy class.  The idea of “If God is all good, all powerful, and essentially perfect” why is there suffering?  Everybody chalks it up to all God’s fault and never takes into account the possibility of a ‘Devil’.  And then there is the whole necronomicon idea of thought, where in the beginning the seas ran red with blood and all was evil… which kind of occurs in the religious plagues where the water turns to blood, and locusts shall devour all the crops and such.  But the moment I brought up this idea for possible discussion in class it was met by the teacher saying “No… we’re trying to stay focused on why there is evil… anyone else have anything to contribute” as if what I had to say wasn’t a possible idea.  Ah well, I’m not going to preach all day… only part of it.  ORANGE!


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