I don’t know why we have another cat now… Four cats and a dog was enough… we don’t even have running water right now, but we’ve got an internet and a small zoo… but anyway… The kitten _was_ stuck out in the cold, and behaves rather tame for a kitten, and well, he’s alright…

Of course he’s reached the age where we gotta scrape our pennies up to have him neutered. He has a tendency to want to go outside and do what cats do at certain times of year, and well, we can’t keep chasing him. We also know he won’t be safe out there, otherwise we wouldn’t have kept him.

Yesterday, he got outside and ran into the middle of the yard, met by the pouring rain. Ever punish a cat with a squirt gun or a spray bottle? He was livid, hissing at whoever was in the sky, teasing him, punishing from all directions…. he ran straight back to the door.

See you next time.


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  1.   Oy, I skimmed your last post because cats aren’t my species to comment on.  Thanks for commenting on my page, by the way.
      As far as good and evil goes, I don’t take any stock in what theologists have to say.  The only universal truth out there is do unto others as you wish them to do unto you, yet I don’t know of anyone who follows even that.  I just follow my own code of ethics, which is mostly based around conscience and loopholes.  If you feel bad or have reservations about doing something, it’s likely “evil.”  If you have no qualms or second thoughts about something, it’s good.  If something evil can be justified, or there’s a loophole making it right, then it can be considered either in the gray or repentable.  As far as names go, though, my brothers were named by my father grabbing a phone book and randomly stopping at names.  I was the only one of my siblings who was named for a reason.  The only name I will ever trully go by is Londo, though.


  2. Ha ha….I have 4 cats here. The squirt bottle is my God, especially during night runs when they’re in play mode and I’m trying to sleep.
    The mental picture of them outside in the rain is too funny…thanks for the laugh  


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