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cedartree: I can definitely say I’ve never seen a cat do that before then. I expected an outdoor cat, or at least, a cat found outdoors, to know what rain is.

I know cats aren’t for everybody. When I was little I wanted a dog. I thought cats were fluffy and all that, but compared to dogs, cats are emotionless. They don’t express excitement when you come home and when you play with them they almost look like they’re angry with you or something.

I didn’t have a dog when I was little.

When I was done with college, my dad had remarried to a lady with a cat, so when I was staying with them, and they went out, it was my job to mind the cat, and well, I learned how to communicate and otherwise deal with cats. Then I moved in with my friends in Illinois, and they had four cats. When we got our dog here I realised I don’t really remember what to do with dogs, if you know what I mean by that… it’s completely foreign to me now. Compared to the cats, who rarely demand attention unless they need to be fed, or if I just haven’t pet one of them in a long time, dogs are neurotically codependant. If we leave her alone, she cries on end until she’s with a person. Being with a cat isn’t good enough.

For a while, the dog wouldn’t even walk for me… so I leave minding the dog to them and everything’s fine, really.

iwanttoleavemybody: If I could afford to pay somebody to take care of the dog and cats we’d have had running water a couple weeks ago. Never underestimate the importance of running water.

Enough about our zoo.


I didn’t write about this when it happened, because that was part of when the internet wasn’t hooked up…

Don’t remember if the profile says I live in Illinois… or if anybody reads those enough times to remember things like that…. I wouldn’t be saying it now if I didn’t live in Illinois. I’m originally from the shore in New Jersey.

It will be six years out here in February. During that time, I’ve made it back to New Jersey twice. The first time was the first summer I lived here, the second was a layover at Newark airport (my mother and the younger of my sisters came to visit) on the way to visit my dad and brother in Georgia.

Last August I had the good luck and priveledge… no, not priveledge… gift?… yeah, it was kinda like a present… My mother and the older of my sisters and her two kids came out to visit me.

My sister’s kids are both in high school now. I was antsy about getting to see them again. They were something like 11 or 10ish the last time I saw them, and well, because of college, the most I saw them prior to that was when they were about 7 and 8ish when I used to occasionally help babysit them. This usually just meant playing Sega until it was time for bed.

I wondered how much they remembered that? How much did they remember about me at all?

They rode the train into Chicago. They thought it’d be fun, they never did anything like that before… I have, and I wouldn’t wish it on anybody my mother’s age, but she knows about riding trains into big cities, so there was no issue there. I was to meet them at Union Station by riding the commuter train to meet them.

My nephew and niece were a trip, early on. They were almost exactly as I remember them, just a bit bigger. Oh, and my nephew’s voice lowered, but I could still tell it was him… just a deeper voice…

All my nephew wanted to do is talk about video games, as if a repression of the past five to seven years had finally been lifted. I guess that’s not a huge deal at first, I just figured he must have _some_ friends into that sort of thing, or something… But anyway…

After a night or two at their hotel I heard the brother and sister argue just like they would have seven or eight years ago… The first time I heard them do it, it seemed funny because it was more evidence that I indeed met up with the right people at the train station, but after a few times it bothered me. I’d like to think they were a bit more mature than that. I stopped fussing with my brother like that pretty much when high school started.

Maybe I shouldn’t be so worried. I feel bad that there wasn’t really enough things for the kids to do because the adults kept getting tired too fast. To help ease things on a couple different occasions, I took them to Capcom Nickel City (without the adults), showed my nephew how I can play Zork and such on my Handspring, and I brought over my Sega Saturn so they could play it in the hotel room, since I had games they’d never seen before.

Most of all, I’m thankful I could see them again. By law of average, I won’t see them again until they’re done college.

I owe them a visit in return, really, really bad.


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  1. I’ll have to go back and leave comments on your older posts sometime.I’ve never understood the whole “dogs are X and cats are Y” thing. I’ve met some clingy, dependent, attention-whore cats and some calm, antisocial dogs. But yeah, I know the kind of dog you’re talking about.


  2. My pleasure.
    You know, we always had dogs. Usually more than one. When I ended up with cats I had no clue what to do with them. So my cats think they’re dogs. It helps that they’re domestic short hairs. But I think, any animal has a great personality, you just have to get to know them and let them get to know you. I love critters, can’t tell tho can ya?? lol
    Geez, I just had that same experience visiting my niece and nephew. My  nephew’s voice is changing. And he’s become taller than me. I snap lots of photos but I miss too much. I’m glad your family visited you Send greeting cards, set ’em up in email, etc. Anything you can do. They won’t forget you anyway but it will help you handle the distance better


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