Thank you all for your comments!

I’ll start with simple responses first, and they aren’t in chronological order.

cedartree: The reason why I don’t have a picture right now is because I own neither a scanner nor a digital camera. There aren’t very many photographs of me available in the world, now that I think about it.In a sense, it’s quite a drag that I can’t even show a picture to my family, then, but, when I do things I don’t really think about taking photographs…
iwanttoleavemybody: I’ve no idea what raining has to do with cats and dogs. None at all.

Londo: There is also the negative golden rule: Do not do unto others what you would not want them to do to you. It’s almost the same thing, but it implies… less activity.

lazarusrat: Please make the lone post on your page be a hyperlink to your Livejournal page. It’ll save you the issue of people signing your guestbook with things like ‘When are you gonna write something!?’ and serves as a convenience when I forget how to find you. (Lazarusrat is a personal friend I usually get to visit a little bit more than twice a year.)

I know you read more than I wrote into ‘Uncorrected Personality Traits’ because you know the people I’m talking about. It isn’t that I ought to find _better_ parties… I ought to find _different_ parties… or otherwise be content with what I get to go to in the first place.

And yes, our kitten is very clingy because he doesn’t get along well with the other cats yet.



Sometimes I’m very fortunate to be broke.

How many of you know people that scrape all kinds of pennies, living in complete squallor in a messy apartment or a disaster area of a room in a shared house, feeding their bodies poorly, but somehow, some way, they’ve got the money and they got the new Grand Theft Auto on the day it came out?

I’m not that kind of person. Frankly, I can’t afford that sort of lifestyle, but that _almost_ describes me rather well.

I was really young when family computers and video games started popping up in homes. I was absolutely fascinated by the light and sound display, completely controlled by the person at the keys or holding the joystick.

The other thing I took to awfully well was the piano my dad bought almost at the same time as the Atari and the Texas Instruments computer. I want to say we had all three in the matter of less than two years. This turned to proficiency with brass instruments, and later, percussion. I even had a guitar, though I was impatient with it and never completely learned it.

As an adolescent, when I started to believe video games were stagnating and boring, a friend of the family had given me a computer, and between her and my dad, grandmother, and uncle, I had a MIDI interface, sequencer program, synthesizer, and drum machine. I learned to make computer music.

That’s what the stupendous pile of crap in my bedroom is supposed to be for. After we started frequenting ham radio shows, I would go along to try and collect computers and parts for them, to put together old machines I knew had amazing sound capabilities in their day but I could never afford, simply because I was an adolescent or younger when the suckers came out. I paid no more than $20 dollars for most of my relics and, when I feel like maintaining them, they function.

I’d might as well be video gaming on them though. I’ve collected a bunch of different games to play on my Commodre 64s because I barely remember being jealous of friends that had them and those games are now freely available on the internet in most cases. My official reason for owning them, besides the $15 I paid for all four of them, is how much I loved its unique sound and wanted to own one just to make awesome noise with it. I have a few different programs I’ve been toying with, to that effect, but I can rarely get myself to sit my ass down and finish them.

Was I writing about video game addiction? Yes, I was. The Macintosh Quadra I paid $10 for, and bought not only because of the sequencing software that used to be available for System 7 Macs, but because of its original $4000+ price tag when I was in seventh grade, is now my emergency internet browser and a repository for early 90’s point-and-click games I never played. I’ve never actually bothered to beat any of them yet.

Perhaps I’d be prone to better moods if I actually played with my toys?

This is the part where being poor makes me particularly fortunate.

In what feels like the distant past, I mentioned that a good chunk of my writing, as I’m doing right now, actually, is done on a Handspring Visor Deluxe (which is a clone of a Palm III). It, as well as the attached keyboard I’m now clicking away at, was a gift from the friend I am currently visiting. When I go home I will dock my VIsor at an Intel Desktop PC built entirely from parts given to me by an assortment of friends. Eventually, I will invest a little bit of money into making the computer better, but the core of it will still be a gift. I’m very lucky that my friends are willing to give me stuff like that when I usually can’t offer much in return besides my company in most cases. Sometimes I feel like I owe it to them to do something brilliant with all my stuff…. perhaps someday I will, but it’ll have to wait until after the Christmas rush.

In the meantime, other than the fact that my computer is not by Alienware, and I don’t play Playstation 2, if I don’t get anything constructive done with my stuff, what makes me different from a video game junkie?

See you next time.


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  1. Have you seen Heathers? I’m reminded of the dialog between Slater and Ryder:”I don’t like your friends.””I don’t like my friends either.”Or something like that.I think the typical video game junky is always after the latest and greatest, whereas you’re just after cool shit that excites you. How many of the people who wait in line for GTA: Killin’ Hookers before the store opens are also going to be digging through the bargain bins for a copy of, say, Ghouls & Goblins (or whatever that was called)? Not a huge difference, but it’s there.Trading hardware for hangout time…you’re getting the short end of the stick on that one.


  2. Sorry about my photo comment. I just meant, any graphic would do. But if you’re working with a handheld I can see how that’d be impossible
    Friends are awesome and it’s good to hear you’ve got some great ones. Geez, you sound like a whiz with computers. I’m on a cranky old system myself but not as talented as you. So, I suffer along with ya in some respects.


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