Coming off of what otherwise was a pretty positive Saturday, if not for the store not achieving goal… and the cop that pulled me over (without incident) on the way home… and the rearview mirror I smashed on the side of the garage while backing the car in. Seven more years of bad luck for me!… (Actually, I know that’s bull- for starters, the mirror only cracked, for finishers, it was made of plastic. It just sucks that I’m not looking forward to telling The Lady I messed up her car while she was out of town…)

Hell froze over yesterday, at roughly 6:15pm Central time. That was when I *gasp* opened a statement savings account. That’s right, I’m making a whole-hearted effort not only to make money at work, but this time I’m actually going to try to keep some of it. I’ll let you all know if it works out or not. (Might be good as gone to fixing the mirror…)

Thank you all for your comments.

cedartree: Not everything I write is on the handheld- this, for example, is being written in Mozilla Composer because Mozilla Navigator doesn’t handle the ‘New Post’ page correctly. Instead, I write in this window and paste it into that one, and it works just fine, instead of having the scrollbars mess up and then I get to type in the dark.

I’m not mad about the whole ‘put up a picture’ comment, I’m just completely unprepared to post one. I’ve got some ideas, I just don’t know if I’m up to putting them into practice.

Allow me to re-emphasize, I’m neither upset nor offended. Folks do indeed tell me I’m really smart and good with computers all the time, because the part they don’t know is that I really only learned computers by osmosis- We had one in the house, so I played with it, my brother became a computer tech, so he built me a computer and I watched and learned from him, even now, up here, most of my pals have computer skills- I’m the least qualified of all of them, really. I don’t really have the patience to finish a program, even though I’ve got a bunch I’ve started and barely gotten to the ‘demonstration of what this program might actually try to do someday’ phase. There was even a time when, besides my (music) sequencer, I really wanted nothing to do with computers at all. I don’t like the rate at which things become obsolete, for example. It’s really not for me.

As for my friends, well, yeah, they’re really good to me and I don’t know why… It’s a bit more complicated than I’m willing to let up right now, though probably not as complicated as this sentence, or my own mind, implies.

Mister_Green: Thanks, I’m still playing with the new look, and I think it’s important to change the look every now and then… I figure I think I’ve been writing in this thing about a year, might as well tweak the settings a little.

As a kind of supplement to a comment I left you, I since looked up what a ‘metrosexual’ is, and have come to the conclusion that it’s a person who likes to masturbate on the subway.

Seriously though, I don’t really like it when folks abuse the English language like that. Metrosexuality sounds like some jerk’s way of making his own personal insecurities seem socially acceptable. It will take me a while to explain.

The classic metrosexual, as I understood the meaning, is Dennis Rodman. Metrosexuals are narcissistic men with what is believed to be feminine tendencies of vanity and shopping and nightlife, but supposedly metrosexuals are straight or bisexual… which is why I think the word is garbage. Metrosexuals are called ‘guys’. Occasionally, they’re called ‘sissies’ or ‘pretty-boys’ but usually they’re just ‘guys’.

Somebody we’ll call Pat once told me about this dude he knew who was trying to say something to the effects of… “I think I’m a girl in a guy’s body, but I like girls, so I’m a lesbian…” and Pat’s response was simply, “No, dude, you’re a _guy_. Don’t think that way, you sound stupid.”

I get the impression that metros are really just guys that are insecure about the way they look. The reason for the insecurity is irrelevant, though not knowing which way your stuff swings might be a good enough reason to me.


Somebody we’ll call Mark told me he had a job that lasted six weeks, because the management pissed him off that badly… They covered their incompetence with a large vocabulary of trendy buzzwords. The next time you want to think outside the box, please put yourself in the box next to Shroedinger’s Cat so we can wonder if you’re alive or not.

Mark told a middle manager that he had experience with the infamous and ubiquitous UNIX operating system, so the manager said he would be brought somewhere so he could ‘leverage his UNIX skills.’

‘Leverage’ is a word describing the increased power you get when you work from one end of a ‘lever’. A ‘lever’ is a really big stick, with a fixed pivot point. You can take a big stick to UNIX all you want; it won’t do a thing.

Perhaps Mark would have remained with the company had they decided to utilize his UNIX abilities.

For now, things are looking up. See you next time.


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  1. ORANGE!  Yeah, I’ve never called anyone a metrosexual myself either.  It’s more of an emerging term.  Like a hasbian (a former lesbian that goes straight), or a yestergay (self explanatory).  I’m actually a fan of these words.  That is words that merge.  But metrosexual… I still don’t understand how that is exactly a properly merged word.  I mean, a half man half beast is a Meast… or half man half monster is a Manster… but doesn’t metro in almost all cases mean city?  And if there are “in the closet” metrosexuals… would they be considered “in the cab” instead.  I don’t know… just some random banter for thought.  ORANGE!


  2. Metrosexual, in word alone, explains nothing. I hate words. To quote an old friend of mine, “English is the greatest, most confusing, stupidest language in the world. Everyone should speak it, but no one should ever write in it.” Or something like that. I worked as a sales rep for a multi-level managing deal, which is basically a pyramid scheme with a cult mixed in. Everyone talks in those weird terms that don’t really fit or make sense, and they’re overly pro-company. It’s like, even though it’s work, these guys have nothing bad to say about it, and for some reason they mix in praise whenever they get the chance. They’d be like: “oh, I’m going out to party tonight. I’m tired after putting in all these hours. Isn’t *Company Name* so wonderful because of their *product* and whatnot?” Damn zombies…


  3. The best thing that could possibly happen to Chicago sports would be for the Blackhawks to get a cable deal for their games. Even though the Tigers suck, they still drew more fans that the Marlins. That’s due to Fox Sports Detroit’s coverage of every Tigers game.


  4. Ah corporate speak. Somewhere I have a link to a site that constantly updates the latest biz lingo…I’ll share it if I find it. Not that it’s a huge thing but it just popped into my head so I’m writing it here for ya
    On the rest, well you do sound like a true Gemini. You’ll get better with money. Saving is a great start and can’t hurt. Try a money market rather than just a plain savings account. Computers…you can learn anything you want. Having that Gemini guarantees it. Gemini’s have had a tough time the past several years and they’re not the only ones. But take heart, things will look up. You’re on the right track already it sounds like.
    As for dinging cars….a while back I posted about trying to move a car with my SUV. So I relate


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