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Mister_Green: The reason it was named ‘Black Friday’ is because it’s when many retail establishments finally turn a profit (go into the black) on the year. Folks that call it ‘Green Friday’ mistakenly choose that name because of confusion with ‘Black Tuesday’, the day the stock market crashed in the late 20’s, ringing in the Great Depression.

I’d like to think that our powers that be have worked their hinds off to get us set up to have the best possible holiday run, and so on. It is frustrating, knowing that all these folks go weekdays, 9-5 to set up our weekend, leaving the actual process of acting out their grand plan to people they don’t even know, every weekend. I’m not intending to encourage class warfare, but just imagine, if all the clerks of the world noticed that the companies they work for literally don’t function in their absence?

Retail clerks are not as expendable as people like to pretend they are. If the customer service in your local retail store is sterile and bland, is it because you are buying products that are also sterile and bland? Does the price you pay for mass-produced product accord you the priveledge of a decent salesperson?

The big day doesn’t bother me as much as it should, I guess I’m accustomed to it. I’m kinda looking forward to it.

lazarusrat: Aside from the aforementioned, the empty-box action is the best idea we’ve ever stolen from somebody else. It’s something I wanted to do for a long time, because it helps the traffic flow. Of course, the other issue is that people still stare at the bookended boxes behind the counter, and it’s especially frustrating when they complain they can’t read the titles.

We solved the computer thing the easy way. My cousin has a new toy, one of those Medion things from Best Buy… it was set up within minutes, and it looks like whoever put it together installed Windows XP correctly. It’s now one less thing I have to worry about for a while, and I don’t have to worry about him being jealous of my stuff, which frankly, my stuff isn’t nearly as good.

Iwanttoleavemybody: So that’s what Fritz the Cat looks like… I’ve been aware of it a long time now, it’s just… not something I’ve ever wanted to deliberately seek out. Robert Crumb was a strange guy.

The Lady put the cable on again. As I’m writing this, I’m watching a poorly attended college basketball warmup tournament. It’s pretty flat, but I expect that in November.

In other news, the younger of my sisters had her third baby the other day… don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl because my mom didn’t tell the answering machine.


This is very old news, actually, but it’s quite frustrating.

On radio and on television, there are advertisements to pay for the programming. You can’t very well expect people to send you money to stay turned on, unless you’re PBS, and when television and radio recievers first came into existence, they were expensive to build and sell. People had to be convinced they were worth having in the home before they could be mass produced, and before they became a common appliance in every household.

Nowadays, at least around here, we have the technology to send hundreds of radio and television stations via cable and satellite beam, a priveledge many people gleefully spend upwards of $40 a month for. If we’re paying for the delivery of the content, why are there still advertisements?

I know I’m not the only one bothered by this- Sirius radio advertises their service as commercial free, and I appreciate that.

When people say to me ‘did you see X’ I normally have to say, ‘No, I haven’t got cable…’ People are accustomed to paying for television now, to a point where now it’s expected.

Even the internet, which I believe is costing us some $30ish to have at this speed, shows me an advert which I habitually ignore as I browse for what I’m really looking for. I’m trying to remember the last time something I saw on one of those banners was relevant enough for me to even be struck curious. I especially love the ones that feign being windows dialogues or try to tell me that spyware is running- here on my Linux workstation.

The more recent kicker is that apparently I’m rich enough for a $40 prepay cell phone, but I can’t be trusted to sign the contract and end up with the same model for only the cost of shipping, even though the monthly cost of the prepay service is comparable! If I take the prepay service, I cave to a system that will not reward me for keeping up with a debt.

That one was a bit of a stretch I’ve been holding onto about a half a year. I’m actually in a really good mood today, and I hope everybody has great holidays where appropriate. If my appearances become scarce (though they won’t become too scarce) I’m sure you already know why. I’ve got a really big day soon.

See you next time.


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  1. The other side of the question is how much would they charge for cable if the advertisements weren’t there? You’re only paying for the delivery right now (arguably overpriced, but still), and I’d imagine not a lot of that monthly charge gets back to the networks or studios.And it’s the same with internet ads. Your ISP isn’t paying anything. If your ISP is serving you ads, yeah, that’s a little fucked, but that’s how they stay in business without charging more. Remember when NetZero’s name meant something?Anyway, I know you know this, and this is not intended as a pro-business rant or anything.


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