Thanks for your comments, hope the USA folks had a good holiday.

El_Presidente: Insurance is so… awestriking. In advertising, it is the retail sale of peace of mind. According to the commercials that plague my football games, I’m an insecure runt because I can’t afford insurance any more than I can afford an investment account. And people wonder why Generation Why can’t be targetted.

lazarusrat: Revenge of the Devil’s Advocate. I know you don’t mean anything by it.

The world around me will not change unless I enact certain forces against my world to change it, and in repercussion, the world around me must react to change in the way that I want. I stretch to think of the last time advertising did more than just entertain me; when was the last time advertising successfully convinced me to purchase a product? I don’t remember. I guess if all the world were like me we’d live under some kind of sick martial law because of everyone trying to live frugally in hopelessly unrecoverable debt.




Okay, it’s not quite that bad.

This morning I had the easiest Green Friday/Black Friday/Friday after Thanksgiving biggest shopping day of the year ever. Part of the reason was because the boss wanted me to stand in the exit and make sure we didn’t violate fire code. The other part was because we stopped paying attention at 9:30 am. There just weren’t that many people that came out that early.

Perhaps the mistique of super-early shopping is gone. Perhaps our powers that be chose some shitty features for the sale page. No matter, from about 9:30 to 11:00 the line was conquered and our sales figures looked like crap.

We became busy just when it was time for the shift change, which takes place when there’s usually a lull. Everybody showed up after lunch or something. I’m not going to pretend to understand it, but as of this writing we probably can still make the goal if the customer flow remains as steady as it was when I left.

Time will tell, but I hope it’s not a sign that people are waiting until December 24 to go shopping, because that’s a load of bullshit. Christmas Day is not the college project you procrastinated to the night before it was due on the syllabus, it’s your family and dearest friends.

If I remember I’ll put the figures down after the weekend.


I’ve thought about this as a result of reading several magazine articles on the subjects at hand…

The first drag about the US is that popular opinion is against the greatest sport in the world, which is of course, association rules football, or as it’s called in the US, soccer.

The second drag about the US is that popular opinion is against the greatest cars in the world, the brick-shithouse deisel-electric-hybrid hatchback-station wagons being developed in various parts of Europe.

What is the third drag?

See you next time.


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  1. I’m frustrating as hell to most of my opinionated friends because I don’t have a strong opinion about very many things, I just like playing devil’s advocate. It’s just kind of an instant reaction I picked up in grade school. It’s fun, because it’s really hard to get the better of someone in an argument when that person really doesn’t give a shit either way.Ads have influenced me to research something and decide if I want it or not. Or they’ll remind me of something I read about and thought “I should get that when it comes out.” But yeah, I haven’t really had an “Oh shit, I need that!” reaction since the NES Zelda commercials. Leeeeeevers!I’m all for people spreading their shopping out more. Almost every year, one of two things happens. I get stuck at some retail chain for some mundane thing we’ve just run out of, like ketchup, on the day after Thanksgiving. Or, I realize it’s Thanksgiving day, and there’s no food, and nothing open that sells food. I don’t remember the last time I celebrated a holiday on the holiday.


  2.   Eh, I don’t buy christmas presents.  I don’t give gifts, and I don’t encourage people to buy me gifts.  The only people I’d buy presents for would be the children, because all you need to do is find the shiniest, flashiest, newest thing in the store, then buy and wrap it.  And then it’ll sit on the floor or in a corner until it gets broken, 9 times out of 10.  But, the only child I have to buy presents for is my nephew, but he’s too damn young.  I could get him a dog’s chew toy and he wouldn’t know the difference.  Besides, what child remembers it’s first christmas present anyway?


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