To follow up from yesterday’s non-incident, in the end we missed our goal less than 1% short of day, compared to the district (all stores north of downtown Chicago) average of 13% short of day. We did okay.

This news was accompanied by permission to match the adverts of other stores, something we haven’t done as long as I’ve had the job (and this is season six for me.) I accepted the apology, only because we did so well under the circumstances. Today’s figures were similar.

Thank you all for your comments.

Iwanttoleavemybody: Don’t get the wrong impression, I don’t actually own much of what I sell. Part of this is because I don’t have enough money.

I’m naturally inclined to leave comments about something for which I feel strongly.

Londo: I’m not good at giving presents because it’s unwise for the poor to just give stuff away. I don’t get much for Christmas, but I don’t mind as long as I get enough rest. I also find that nowadays I prefer presents that I need anyway (coats, a bed quilt comforter) to presents that are fun. Is it a side effect of adulthood or a side effect of being broke?

I hope Josh is a friend of yours. Damn, I thought I had another reader.

lazarusrat: The original Legend of Zelda television spot actually deterred me from wanting a Nintendo Entertainment System. I didn’t realise it was a groundbreaking game until I saw my cousin playing it some six months later. Every time I heard the dick screaming “Zeldaaa!” I wanted to shout back at him, “Fuck Zelda and fuck all your Oktoroks! She can stay lost!” I later didn’t understand why the game was called Zelda Densetsu if the hero’s name was Link.

Lastly, differing opinions are what test opinions’ level of “truth”. Maybe the better way of putting it is the old “opinions are like assholes” line.


During cleaning up tonight, one of the newer girls was telling stories of when her family was still living in Mexico on their farm… in fact, I think she said that part of her family is still there.

They used to put her in charge of a baby goat and she’d feed it some thirteen times a day because it was boring and there was nothing better to do, and because of that the goat would get fatter than hell… And one day, some six months or so later, I think she said, she didn’t find it in its pen, and she asked her mom what happened to it. The reply, “It went back out to the ranch.” She went to the ranch to look for it and found it hanging by its neck in the barn.

She knew this meant it was tomorrow’s supper, but why let her get attached to the thing like that? She said it wasn’t just that goat either. She had a piglet and a cow and a hen… after a while, she knew what “It went back out to the ranch” meant, so why even say that?

She says when she visits them she can’t eat anything while she’s there.

Now, I know that ultimately that’s where most of my food comes from. I even know that the way her family treats their animals is humane compared to the way most farming animals are treated in the US! Ever seen the inside of a modern “pigfarm” or “henhouse”?

How dangerous is our detatchment from our food?

Finally, reposted for emphasis:


I’ve thought about this as a result of reading several magazine articles on the subjects at hand…

The first drag about the US is that popular opinion is against the greatest sport in the world, which is of course, association rules football, or as it’s called in the US, soccer.

The second drag about the US is that popular opinion is against the greatest cars in the world, the brick-shithouse deisel-electric-hybrid hatchback-station wagons being developed in various parts of Europe.

What is the third drag?

See you next time.


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  1. Oh, it wasn’t the screaming dipshit that got me interested in Zelda. It was what the non-screaming guy said and the couple screenshots they had. It was the first video game I’d ever seen a TV ad for, and at the time we were on about our fifth shitty Atari, so I was all up ons.I didn’t even see the 3 drags thing in the last post until now. I guess to me the third drag would be the litigation/blame culture. Anytime anyone does anything idiotic, there’s someone else to blame and sue. The classic example is the crotch full of coffee, and if the urban legend around that were true, it’d be a good example, but when you know the facts, it’s a bad example. But I think you know what I mean.


  2. Yes, it was taken from the Green Velvet track, I’m curious as to why you think you thought it wasn’t.  All the jazz talk maybe.  Techno was my passion before I even knew jazz exsisted.  You’re probably not interested, but I’ll force my interests onto you anyway:   I LOVE TECHNO, I LOVE TURNTABLES, I LOVE making beats. I LOVE going to techno parties.
    some fav artists are: surgeon, glenn wilson, chris mccormack, umek, hardcell, space dj’z, james ruskin, the advent….anyway you get the idea


  3. Oh and on the topic of leaving bodies, that diagram pic you suggested might be a lucid dream or egyptian death something or rather, it’s an out of body experience (OBE).  You know you really can leave your body, it’s not just a silly song title


  4. Sounds like the new girl was a pretty good rancher, aside from the whole getting too attached to the food thing. Y’know, I never saw the Legend of Zelda commercial. I just had a friend who’s parents bought the game, and it wasn’t like anything else we’d ever played. I think the only reason I liked it so much was because there was so much hidden crap to find, and it would take hours to find everything because this was (obviously) pre-Intraweb. I also liked it because eventually I got better than my friend at playing it, and he was really good.


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