Hi there… sorry it’s been a while since I’ve written anything… This time of year can do that to me though… at least now I’ve got a few things I can write about.


The Lady got a cell phone for me. It’s exactly the one I tried to order a long time ago but they wouldn’t let me have it on account of my credit. She said in about six months or so they may be able to change the name on the phone over to me, so if it works out, I guess it’s all good, but there’s no difference, I still gotta pay the bill.

I have to admit this thing’s awesome. I feel like a drug dealer. I wanna call somebody and knock over a convenience store. Well, I don’t know, maybe some other time.

It has voice activated dialing, it rings “Clocks”, it plays “Pitfall!”, and it can Yahoo! and AIM. It’s old news, technology-wise, but I don’t think I’ve ever called something this tiny and powerful mine before. Hopefully I can afford to keep it.

The only gripe I have so far is that there is no obvious way for me to just draw a picture in a program and put it in the phone as wallpaper, or write a MIDI file and stick it in the phone as a ring tone. If anybody’s got insight into that sort of thing, write me anytime.

Thanks to everyone for their earlier comments. Welcome new subscribers Iwanttoleavemybody and Londo, even though I can tell they’ve been reading a while now… I guess that’s what subscribing is for.

Londo/lazarusrat: Not to reiterate what I’ve already said too much… Zelda Densetsu happened in Japan because of a kind of mini-fad of geek-types that were importing computer role-playing games such as Wizardry and Ultima into Japan and playing them on similarly imported American computers because the Japanese MSX computers had no such games (yet). Naturally, when Japanese game makers wanted to catch onto them, they had to make something familiar enough to mass market, and the earliest results were Namco’s Tower of Druaga, and Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda, the latter being the better game.

You got an instruction booklet with vague little hints, but the only obvious things you were told were ‘Here’s your sword, otherwise you’ll wander around until you die’ and ‘Here’s where you find Level 1’, good luck with the rest of the game.

Then there’d be rumours spread around about where you can find what, and why you need it, and what it does… In those days, NES fanatics subscribed to the ‘fan club newsletter’ before it became Nintendo Power magazine. If you have the copy that prints what the letter to the old lady says, you have a serious collector’s item.

The fan club also had a contest with a prize for the first person to photograph the sequence at the end of the game. We didn’t think there was an end to the game. It had a feeling of endlessness that many games have tried, and failed, to repeat.

Iwanttoleavemybody: Thanks for the list of artists, I suddenly feel very uninformed, since the only name up there I definitely know is The Advent. (One of the college radio dj’s, visit www.wnur.org if you can hear live realaudio from this far away, on most weekdays at what I’ve calculated to be 15:00 in your time zone, it’s 10:00pm central to USA folks)… I think it’s cool that somebody in a distant country is into techno, I especially appreciate that you called it a ‘techno party’ and not a ‘rave’… maybe that needs to happen around here to stop the drug stereotype from keeping it down too much?… and finally I find it disturbing that somebody in Australia knows about a DJ in Chicago that gets little to no attention out here. Answering Machine is a really old tune now, but I still meet people that have never heard it… Somebody told me that Percolator was really big around here… well, anyway…

Being into both techno and jazz is not out of bounds, in fact, it’s kind of important, see Jazz is the Teacher… Jazz and the Blues reminds us to keep a certain undesctibable element in music… I think it’s that element Mister_Green calls “orange”.

Oh, and thanks to Mister_Green for the plug a few nights ago. I don’t always want to write about the store, but if it’s the thing closest to my mind that night, and this time of year it usually will be, well, then that’s what’ll end up here.

I’d also like to say about the three drags bit… The answers I’ve since gotten are ‘People are sue-happy’ and ‘People think Nascar is legitimate racing’. I’d like to add my own answer, ‘People force good music underground.’ Feel free to add more.

I swear there was something else I was gonna write tonight, but I can’t remember what it is… maybe I’ll remember tomorrow and post it then.

See you next time.


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  1. yeah, america seems way more on the house side of things.  By force of numbers you obviously have a few decent artist like dj rush, adam jay, woody mcbride, richie hawtin – actually I think he’s canadian  


  2. Oh, and I defineatley agree with what your sampling/collage parrallel.  I like to remind people that a real drum kit is essentially a selection of premade samples.  A real drum can be played more fluently one might say, but I bet you I can get more sounds out of my sampler than you can from your drum kit.  It must be an intelorable bore to be a purist musician.


  3. Yeah, the town I grew up in sucked. There was barely an awareness that Nintendo was Japanese.My two biggest Zelda memories aren’t even about me. First, there was my oldest brother (the one who introduced me to D&D), who mapped the entire game out by hand, complete with a legend for all the secret stuff. The other was my dad, who was about 50 at the time, being massively obsessed with Zelda and Tetris (and no other video games). He was really, really horrible at them, but he played them more than I did for a while. It was frustrating as hell watching him take two or three arrows to the head to pick up one heart.But I’ll let that topic die now.I’ve decided I should probably never own a cell phone for the same reason I never should have bought that Zaurus. There’s too much to tinker with. I have a Palm now, and I’m staying willfully ignorant of all the extra stuff I could do with it, because that’s the only way I’ll ever manage to actually use it. Mike’s phone has all sorts of features and a couple games and all that stuff. I think he may have some stuff in the address book, but to my knowledge, he only ever uses it to, you know, make phone calls.


  4.   Aye, I played the americanized version.  I don’t know how different it was from the original, but the map thing was similar.  Where’s the sword and level 1.  But the drawn map in the intro could be used loosely to find generic locations.  What I hated was beating the first part and finding out there was a second quest.  Took me the better part of ten years to finish both.


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