Hi, everybody. It’s been a really strange week, and I’ve kinda got the ugly mood to match it… I guess it’s normal for the time of year.

The banner at the top says it’s been more than a year since I’ve joined! Wow…

lazarusrat/Londo: Didn’t mean to confuse by calling Zelda by its Japanese name. As far as I know, it really wasn’t changed much to be brought here, except that I believe the Japanese game was designed to run on Famicom’s disk drive. It’s not like there was deep dialogue or anything.

My mother’s one video game is Pac-man. My mother bought herself a Game Gear to play Pac-man. And that’s it.

I used to live around the corner from a high school science teacher, who, when hearing his students talk about video games of that sort, liked to end their conversation by butting in: “You gotta get the magic gravy knife, and take it into the hidden cave and use it to kill the evil king of the Purple Spotted Gummi Bears.”

I’m going to call AT&T about my phone soon, because for all the nifty crap it does, the one thing I’d like it to do most is connect a phone call when I push ‘send’. Friday afternoon, I heard strangers conversing, and apparently they couldn’t hear me.

Iwanttoleavemybody: Richie Hawtin/Plastikman is from greater Detroit, but is not connected to the Atkins/Saunderson/May thing, I think. Unlike Saunderson and May, he’s still playing.

Yes, I believe that folks that cannot acknowledge technological advances in music as significant have missed the point of the art. I’m also starting to believe that people that spend too much money on their instruments have missed the point of their art, but I may change my mind about that one in good time. For the time being, I have more appreciation for people who do a lot with a little, or make a big sound from few sources.

I’ve been reading the memoirs of (Roland founder) Ikutaro Kakehashi lately; when he hawked the Rhythm Ace (the original drum machine!) at USA’s NAMM (musical instruments convention) he shared space with these guys that hooked a bunch of tape recorder mechanisms up to an organ keyboard… that is, he was next to the prototype of the Mellotron! It’s just funny how things like that can just… happen.

A rough draft for (not about) a friend.


What do you think you were trying to do?
Would I trash the way I know you wanted me to?
God gave me a middle finger just for you

God gave me opposable thumbs
So I can close my fist and give you what you got coming
God gave me a middle finger just for you

Go on and have your fun
Go out and party all night long
You may think you’ve done the right thing, but I don’t want to hear it when you’re on your own
And left alone

I’ve got a story for you
You’ve heard already, but you won’t admit it’s true
God gave me a middle finger just for you

Somewhere in the world my lyric teacher is proud and my songwriting teacher is upset because I wrote another hate lyric. See you next time.


3 thoughts on “

  1. ORANGE!  Great poem, I like it all.  All save for the part about the opposable thumbs.  Only because although I do have opposable thumbs… they do not work how they should.  ORANGE!


  2.   My mom did the same thing.  Well, my grandfather bought my brothers and I a Nintendo, and my mom hated it.  Then I borrowed Tetris and Dr. Mario from a friend of mine and I didn’t see the Nintendo without my mother in front of it for nearly two months.  Over-exaggerated, but nearly the truth.


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