Don’t mind me, I’ve been up since five this morning. I dug out ‘Renaisance’ to listen to while I waited for the bus, because nothing says ‘Good morning!’ like a lady screaming soprano in your ear. Someday I’ll figure out why not a single person at the Renaisance Faire seems to know ‘Can You Understand’ or ‘Carpet of the Sun’… but I digress. Most folks would write Now Playing: ‘Renaisance – Tales from 1001 Nights’ but I was listening to it some 15 hours ago, and well, now the only thing playing is a football game.

First, thanks to firephly for the guestbook entry from a long time ago. I need to check that stuff more often. Second, thanks to brendaemerson3 for the entry… My mother told me she used to have odd dreams that helped her early in adulthood and as a teenager and such, though they went away in adulthood. To an extent, a similar effect has happened on me.


I get really annoyed when folks my age refer to themselves or anyone else as ‘recovering Catholics’. I am not a good Catholic, and I don’t dead-on-balls agree with everything verbatim as taught in C.C.D., but culturally, because of how I grew up, I am a Catholic. Nothing can change that, no matter how many times I roll on a prophylactic.

The reason I say that is because I’ve met way too many people who say they used to believe in Jesus but they’re pagans now. From their words and actions, it shows, that the word that best describes such people is ‘Christian’.

My apologies to any that are confused.

Thank you all for your comments.

I’ve no idea if the events are related, except that I told of them both to explain why everybody was scared of wrapped ceramic work.


One of the really neat things about the snow outside is that you can walk around and see all the footprints out there…. in my neighborhood, that’s a blessing because if some freak was trying to break in my house, I’d know it instantly! Hasn’t happened yet, nice to know my neighbors are smarter than that…

In the flurries before work I saw some medium sized dogprints that led out the back door, through the yard, and back to the door again… that’s our cocker spaniel. There was a small set of tracks that were paired close together, one pair tiny, and the other really long… a rabbit went through our yard recently. By the garage there was a set of small prints that run in a straight line by the garage door, and turn the corner around the other side… a stray cat strolled down our alley, perhaps looking for food, but otherwise, left to its own devices, not under chase.

You can learn a lot from people’s footprints, and an old friend of mine was a master at it. He learned from one of the best himself, and I regret pretty much all my skills are gone, but the best way to learn how to track is in fresh snow on a calm day.

This is the part where most of you would put ‘Currently reading: The Tracker by Tom Brown’ but I’m not going to, because I’m not reading it. I read it ten years ago. I still recommend it, though, because not only does it explain the art of tracking, it explains a lot about the part of the world I grew up in and the sort of environment I grew up around. My home is a very unique place.

See you next time.


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  1. Hey, I’m one of those folks you mentioned in your NOW RECOVERING section even though you didn’t know it. I was raised in a more-or-less christian home, with a christian government, christian schools, and christian everything else so far’s I can tell. I never wanted to be a christian. I refer to the scriptures and jesus and whatnot, but it’s not out of faith or anything. I just hate that I’d had this religion forced upon me without ever being given a choice, and I want to show everyone else that they have no idea what they’re talking about when they call themselves “christians.” I want every christian out there to sit down and actually read the bible. The christian faith says that the bible is god’s rule book, but I don’t think there’s anyone out there that would willingly follow all those rules (involving stoning and no women’s rights, especially) or believe that jesus was supposed to be a loving god. Hell, the bible alone disproves the christian faith, so far as I’m concerned.


  2. So are you saying that everyone who’s gone from Christian to Pagan is really still Christian, or jus that you’ve met a lot of people who you think fit that description?When you were growing up, was it said that Christians were people who believed in Christ, and thus Catholics were Christians too? It seems most people these days use “Christian” to mean “Protestant.” I never understood that.Insert the usual rant about labels here. Not the whiney “Don’t label me even though I fit the stereotype you’re describing to a tee” one, but the one that says labels in general are stupid but probably unavoidable so they’re not worth getting worked up about.I remember in like the second grade or something I had my first friend over to spend the weekend. We both went to the same (Catholic) grade school, but he lived in another town so he went to church there. It occured to me he’d be at our house on Sunday, so I told him we were Catholic and asked if it was okay for him to go to church with us. He said he thought so, and seemed as concerned about it as I was. It took my mom reminding us we went to Catholic school for us to realize why it wasn’t the brightest question ever. He grew up to be an asshole, and I grew up to be totally kickass. The end. 🙂


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