Yesterday and today were supposed to be relaxing days off of doing nothing at all… instead, my yesterday was spent taking the kid to the mall to buy a present for a girl that probably won’t appreciate it in the way he wants her to, and today was spent working a record low four hour shift, followed by some shopping. Surprisingly, though, I’m kinda in a happy holidayish mood. Perhaps it was something on the radio while I was driving home, or maybe it was the news that my shift tomorrow will be much shorter than normal, or the news about Libya disarming. The world seems like a nicer place tonight.

In any case, I’ve decided to link you to the lyrics of three oft ignored Christmas songs courtesy of Jethro Tull, The Who, and Metallica. Okay, maybe Metallica is a stretch. Sorry for any pop-ups you might incur on your expedition.

As much as people like to rag about how commercialized Christmas is, this is my sixth season earning a living off of it and I know for fact that if everyone uncommercialized Christmas and celebrated it like it was any old ordinary holiday there’d be a global economic collapse, so it’s right to make the best of it. That means please don’t rob the bellringer in front of the Walmart, because you might get run over in the street while you’re running away, and kindly avoid throwing out full coffee cups into the Toys for Tots bin.

Puerto Ricans do not celebrate Christmas, they celebrate Three Kings’ Day, which if I’m not mistaken is something like January 12. The reason I’m uncertain of the date is because when my mother’s family moved to New York City whenver it was they did (the 50’s I think) they started celebrating Christmas instead, along with learning English and anglicizing some of their names. Along with that Catholic thing I was talking about three posts ago, that means that right now we’re on that pink candle in ‘Advent’. Our Christmas tree occasionally went up earlier, but usually it waited until Christmas Eve, and stayed up through the month of January.

Between that and my current job, which will keep me busy right up to Christmas Eve and some time after (returns anyone?) it’s not like me to celebrate early. Happy Holidays to anybody that has to travel and won’t be able to read this later, best wishes to all.

Thanks for your comments.

lazarusrat: Yeah, you have the right idea. The art of tracking is the study of what’s left behind. Eventually, Tom Brown learned to look at lost kids’ footprints and retell exactly what was going on: He was running, here he tripped, and hurt himself, because he has a limp here… and that was about a day ago…

I remember the last time I saw my pal he visited me on the way through the midwest, we went to the field museum and made fun of their tracking exhibit. The ‘puzzle’ of the exhibit is to find out why a rabbit track stops in the center for no reason, the official answer being that an owl came down and had it for lunch. There were no sweeping marks from being picked up, no signs of running or struggle… oh well.

El_Presidente: Mind you, there are aspects of Campbell’s work that I’m not hip to, the main one being that his idea of what our myths and religions are for, is to obtain this kind of ideal that cannot be achieved- don’t you think some people achieve some sort of enlightenment, even if it’s only for a short while?

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  1. My personal opinion is that Christmas was created to drive adults nuts.  Oh well… it’s all in good fun right!  Thanks for subscribing; I have returned the honor.  Hope you have a Merry Christmas if I don’t catch you before then.


  2. I totally forgot about Advent. I always liked those candles, though I never quite understood why the pink one was second to last, or for that matter, why there needed to be an off color at all.I actually forget a lot of the traditions and stuff with Catholicism. It takes active reminding for me to remember things like the stations of the cross or good Friday exist, let alone when they are. This neither upsets me nor makes me want to celebrate or something. Just a fact.We had our big family Christmas thing last night. The individual families are not real big on before-meal prayers, but one of my aunts used to be a nun, so when she’s there we all join hands and say the prayer together. I forgot the words til about a third of the way through. Mike just bowed his head. Neither one of us wants to open the whole paganism can of worms.


  3.   I missed your last post.  As a minor sidenote (I hope) I’d just like to say that very little really gets me fired up.  I just get a little exasperated at how little people actually know of their religion.  If they went right out and said “I’m a Christian, Christian meaning that a guy name Jesus was the son of god and died for my sins, and I can do whatever I want and go straight to heaven so long as I mention Jesus, even as a footnote, and maybe go to be bored at church once every blue moon.  Oh, and it also means that I’m always right and anyone who disagrees with me goes straight to hell,” I’d be a lot more comfortable.  As for Christmas, I couldn’t care less one way or another.  It has been neither help nor hindrance thus far; the cheesy songs and tv shows kinda balancing out with the “oh, yeah, we remember you’re alive” gifts.


  4. I have found that reading this latest blog, I am not forced to read others.  How brilliant a way of enticing the reader. 
    Regarding the comment left in guestbook, I am properly chastized. 
    Infinite Blessings


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