I’m sorry it’s been more than a week since the last posting, I’ve partly
been afraid to make a post that disappoints the support you’ve all shown for
the last few posts… that, and I decided to try out the Linux 2.6.0 kernel
and it took most of this week to get it functioning. In fact, I got it
running just in time for 2.6.1 to come out, which is now running somewhat
happily in my workstation.

I’m amazed by the bulk of your comments, thank you all!

Welcome new subscriber compassion, though I know you’ve
been reading for a while.

Iwanttoleavemybody: I
wish I could give myself more credit for the color scheme, but, well… The
‘8-bit-eyes’ drawing I put up for my portrait was drawn in the sprite editor
of a Commodore 128, and I had to make the bar there match the 128’s spinach-grey
default background. This caused the stuff in the bar to turn invisible, so
I changed the color of the links, which made them invisible in the body of
the page… then I turned down the shade of blue-green until it wasn’t
eye-stinging loud.

Eventually I’m going to flesh that out into some real code where the eyes
will be on some kind of cartoony character that will blink, maybe roll them,
or look around randomly, a rewrite of a demo I started to write last July or August.
The critter I did there never had legs. All this to justify my rebuilding
spree last summer.

boo_2: You have reminded me that I really need a more carefully rehearsed
answer to this question.

There are two major reasons why I haven’t been to tech school to get a job
in computers.

The first and larger one is money. I’ve already borrowed so much money to go to music school that I am not eligible for grants.

The second one is that there are aspects to the computer industry that I do
not enjoy, like the curve, no, sheer cliff of obsolescence. My computers
are old. This one is the youngest, its main board is five years old. The
rest of my computers are older.

I may occasionally vent about how high the stress level is at the toy store
in the winter, but I really do like my job. Remember what I wrote about
success on my own terms- being in the temp job treadmill many of my
tech-sectored friends are on or have been on will not make me happy.

I had to rewrite that a few times to try to get it to not sound like a pity
cry, scold, or rant, and I think I failed on all three counts… I just
hope I explained it well enough. You can send me an email if you want a
more thorough explanation.

(PS- Please email me, I lost the URL bookmark to your site when my browser upgraded.)

LordPineapple: Welcome! I
knew a “graduate” of the Suzuki method when I was in college, an amazing
violinist, her hands were insured for a quarter billion yen or something.

Talent does not exist in a way that I recognize it, what gets mistaken for
talent is that people are inclined to like certain things, and in certain
kinds of environments can take to those things easily. If you like the
violin when you’re three years old, and you start to play it at that early
an age, and even have a doctor there to teach you how to play, at the pace
in which you want to learn, how good are you going to be at the violin by
the time you reach the age of ten or eleven? This is of course, assuming
you ended up liking the violin in the first place.

compassion and vertigo_josh: I believe it was
last summer when I was reading a book about just how difficult it was to
legalize the basic encryptions anyone that uses eBay today takes for
granted. There are parts of the government that are fighting like hell for
the privilege of being able to peek into any computer filesystem on Earth.
The thorn in their side: people that write the operating system software
themselves, because no amount of payola will get spyware or backdoors
deliberately placed into their systems.

Windows users should use software like Adaware, Unix types should check for
soft login passwords and watch for signs of rootkits.

It is only a matter of time before people will express the right to
disassemble any piece of data that enters an owner’s computer filesystem in
the interest of checking for spyware, trojans, viruses, and rootkits. This
is the real issue in the Digital Rights Management fight, and is ultimately
more important in the interest of most places of business than the copyright
side of things.

TUG MCGRAW (1944-2004)

I just wanted to draw a little more attention to some news that’s being
drowned out by the louder news of his very own teammate’s selfish excuse for
a phony confession…

I grew up in New Jersey and my dad grew up in Philadelphia, so he had us
watching Philly sports whenever he wanted to watch a game… My earliest
memory of professional sport was seeing Tug McGraw jump off the pitcher’s
mound after striking out the last batter to win the World Series, the only
one the Phillies have ever won… and I remember Mike Schmidt jumping on
him, and later, the whole crowd of them jumping on each other, slowly moving
the mob towards home plate. I remember that celebration, I do not remember
any of the games themselves.

I didn’t know he was diagnosed with brain cancer in the Spring, I guess it
got drowned out in whatever other news there was on TV or in my life or
whatever, and I didn’t learn of him dying until a couple days after, when
the radio station was interviewing Mike Schmidt, expecting to get gossip
about Pete Rose from him.

Mike Schmidt got angry with his interviewers, insisting on talking about Tug
first. Can’t say I blame him.


I have a place to stay, I have clothes I can wear every day (though I could
use shoes… I’ll get some in a couple weeks probably), I have enough food
to eat every week, I have a handful of extremely loyal friends, and I have
plenty to do to entertain myself when I get home. Why am I expected to want
more from life?

I’m sorry I haven’t written much… I think I was worried about ruining a
good trend I had going, and I thank you all for reading. I should get one
more post up before I disappear to visit with my dad and my brother; my
dad’s flying me down to Georgia for a week, and I’ll be in Indiana the
weekend before because of my pals’ birthdays… I go every year.

See you next time.


4 thoughts on “

  1. Not much to say this time except that I don’t envy you the trip to IN.  Was born and raised there so it is not exactly my favorite place on earth.  infinite blessings


  2. I don’t know if I told you about this, but when we were in Georgia for the wedding, it was about 70 degrees and clear the whole time. On the ride home, as soon as we crossed back into Indiana, it started raining. And apparently it got down to around 28 in Georgia soon after we left. Insignificant, but weird.Looking forward to seeing you guys. There’s yet another new Chinese buffet in town, this time with other food, too (like pizza and baked potatoes) and a Mongolian grill. That’s pretty much the sum total of anything resembling a plan that I’ve got. :)I just installed a heavily-patched 2.6.1, but haven’t rebooted into it yet. Did you end up ordering that ram off ebay?


  3. about your talents vs. work, ignore me I spit advice out (it’s a dreaded helpful mode I’m actually trying to break) thinking it will help when really, I’ve got no business spitting advice out when it’s not requested. I hear you on the grants and equipment and work stuff. Totally with you in that regard I’ll email ya with my link
    meanwhile, enjoy your trips, post whatever you want, rants, joys, anything. i bet we all keep reading cripes, people read my stuff and it’s boring as hell but then, I write for me and the one odd soul who might stop by and find it helpful so…no apologies
    put up a donation link, others do it for less reasons than you have. you never know, the money fairy may send blessings your way and help you get some shoes


  4. I was born in Indiana… I think the only city that’s any good in that state is Terre Haute… it’s an escape from corn fields… I’m all about Adaware… good program.  Why Linux?  I mean, I like to tinker around with other OS too, but on my workstation I use Windows XP Pro, and next year I will be using Windows Longhorn.  Never try to put Linux and Windows on the same system, even if they are on different drives… Linux will take over!  I’ve had to un-screw up many computers for people who were too ignorant to listen to me.  Chao!


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