Before I get down to business, I just want to say that boo_2 is right to
suggest other options for me. I’m not angry. It may not be the first time someone’s
suggested I try an IS or IT career, and it won’t be the last, but I should
appreciate it every time it comes up, because the alternative is being ignored
completely, which is worse than the negativity I’ve recieved in past
attempts to get an office job.

It is important to exhaust all of your options before you say, “I can’t do

I’m in a much more positive mood writing this today, it was a better day
than pretty much most of the past week.


One of my coworkers, for anonymity’s sake we’ll call her Melissa, helped a
gentleman with his return and all that sort, and when she gave him his money
and he was almost through, she gave him the slip for him to sign for the
money he took back, facing right-side-up to him, and he took it, turned it
upside-down, and signed the bottom of the signature line.

I had to sign off as a witness, and there it was, some kind of abstract art
dangling from the signature line…


Later that day a lady was going to have her kids photographed at the
‘picture on a mug or T shirt’ cart in the hall out in front of us… her
boy (probably three, maybe four years old) ran freely through the store, doing whatever he pleased. This did not
concern me per se, since he did not wreck any merchandise, nor did he do
anything to disturb the other customers. He just disobeyed his mother when
she told him it was time to leave to take the picture. She abandoned him in
the store, his sole punishment, not being photographed.

When she returned to fetch him, he ran from her, and the chase went up and
down all of our aisles, circling around for twenty minutes, over and over
again, all the while, his mother cursing and swearing at him.

After we closed, Melissa and I talked about them…

“You know, I feel sorry for the kid. Did you hear the way his mother yelled
at him?”

“Yes, there’s a reason kids end up acting like that you know.”

While they went around all I could think about, is that eventually this
child will grow up into something. It’s just a matter of a decade or so and
he will be a functioning adult, whether or not his mother or the culture
around him as taught him anything he needs to know to survive.

What were the drunks in front of the liquor store on 10th Street like when
they were three years old?

Thank you all for your comments, in fact, thanks for sticking around when my
quality isn’t as good as I want it to be.

compassion: Indiana isn’t that
bad… *winks* The things that make the midwest ‘boring’ are what give it
its character, and well, I go for the people more than the setting.

boo_2: Thanks for the link… and let me emphasize, I’m not angry or

Call me stubborn but I don’t want to ask for money unless I have a product
of substance to offer (and I’m working on that.)

veritgo_josh: Thank you,
you’ve inspired the absolute test to determine if someone is ready to try
Linux or not.

If you cannot confidently remove Linux and replace it with your old
operating system, you are not ready for it yet.

Linux is for people who in other eras would build Heathkit radios, it’s for
people who like to type at command prompts, it’s for people who remember when
all computers had a programming environment built into them and expect it to
be there. Linux is the only thing left that keeps modern computers
exciting for me.

Because of the do-it-yourself implications of Linux, it’s only as good as
the person installing it, as you’ve well seen. 2.6.x introduced
some brand new ways to shoot yourself clear in the foot to go with all those
performance adjustment features. I’m still learning them.

At a more practical level, Linux does everything I need it to do, now. I’ve
been using it since my brother showed it to me in 1996, and now that there’s
no piece of software that I really need Windows or a Macintosh for (and I’m
aware this fact could change later) I have no reason to use any other system.
Can’t beat the price either. Perhaps it helps that I am the only one that
is hurt if my computer breaks? The regretable side effect is that I
don’t have much Windows experience. I haven’t used a Windows newer than 98
more than a handful of times, and when I have, I feel like I’m on another
planet. I often scream questions that start with ‘Where the hell is…’ or
‘How the hell do I…’

Just for the record, I’m not offended by the works of people that would make
Linux easier to install and use: as long as the functionality is all there,
as long as I can read and adjust settings with a simple peek at the /proc
files and so on, as long as I can completely manage everything inside my
computer to the extent that I want to, I’m there. If I get the services
working on my server in time, here’s a quickie look at my tweaked up Gnome 2.4 screen.
The disturbing resemblance to the Macintosh OS is unintentional.

lazarusrat: My memory
got sniped. I wanted a bigger one anyway.

I’m starting to feel the ‘ordinary time’ groove at work… I hope taking
off doesn’t ruin it.

See you next time.


7 thoughts on “

  1. Well, good luck with the ram sitchumation then.I use linux because it’s a hell of a lot more comfortable. There are several tirades in here that probably aren’t worth going into.I wish I could find this quote… I think it’s Kurt Vonnegut (no really, not an accidental attribution to him), and is something like “People from Indiana spend their entire lives trying to decide whether or not they should move somewhere else.” I happen to like it here, but I don’t have a lot of interests that would require me to be somewhere else or something.


  2. Dude, I’m all about Mozilla… The only version of Linux that I use is Mandrake 9… I should probably expand my horizons on that a bit, though 9 is new, I should go for more of a Red Hat approach… Linux is definitley cheaper and requires less maintanance… Ever try Knoppix?  It’s a live version of Linux on a CD.  You can run it on any Windows system and remove it untracably… the person who starts up the Windows system next would have no idea you used Knoppix!  I have used it on computers on the network, to retrieve encrypted files and whatnot…  it’s a nifty tool to have!


  3. ORANGE!  Yeah, I saw that kid.  Had it been me, and oh lets just say eighteen years back, I would have heard a belt crack (which was always just a warning) and that pretty much did the trick.  Nowadays, kids can do the damndest things without getting a whoopin’s.  Comedians say it all the time “I had kids just so I could beat the shit out of them like my dad did to me.  Now I can’t even do that.  What’s the point of having kids!”  I think that since all comedy has some hint of truth to it, that about says it all.  ORANGE!


  4. On parenting: It is that kind of parenting that makes me say that there are many many people who should NOT be parents.  This is a job…whether they like it or not, they signed up for it and it is a job.  Somehow (and I think partly due to media), people have gotten the idea that they should have it easy in the parenting department, but it isn’t easy.  And it doesn’t get easier when they’re gone from the house either.  It’s just the problems are different and how to deal with them are different.  Sadly, we have to have permits for firearms, but not for futures.  Any old blowhard can have a child and there isn’t a darn thing we can do about it except sit back, pray for the child and hope it turns out okay.
    On Indiana: I don’t mind the boring aspect of it.  It is the characters that I could live without, but then I’m jaded by yucky family relationships.  Like you said in your comment, knowing and understanding are different from being able to solve the aspects of it.  For me, forgiveness was a solution.  Going back and dealing with them is not.
    Infinite Blessings


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