There are some very odd forms of virtual anarchy that opening the internet
has accorded the world… consider as a quick example the fueding caused by
the entertainment industry regarding folks who want to use the internet to
‘try before they buy’ as ruined by folks that just download things and keep

I’m inspired by‘s recent article
regarding folks that use the internet to congregate with folks who have
strange, unpopular tastes, and otherwise try to hide from the scrutiny of
society. The article mentions a pair of sex fiends, without adding
dangerous cults or El_Presidente‘s past rant
about anorexia ‘supporters’ that merely help you stay unhealthily

I quickly recognized the internet as a place where people come to leave
their grafitti. If you think I’m putting the internet down by saying this,
keep in mind that grafitti both means the crude humour on the walls of a
public restroom stall as well as the big pictures that used to decorate our
cities. Used to.

Around Chicagoland I only see brownstone buildings and carbon-copy housing
projects. The only grafitti around here are soulless gang symbols,
territory markers for thugs that have no decorative purpose.

I remember when hip-hop music was mistakenly called rap, and it was about
DJs that threw big block parties… and grafitti was about decorating your
neighborhoods, making your otherwise broke world a beautiful place.
Nowadays drinking and drugging is more important than making sure your
environment is pretty or worth living in.

Are we all grafitti artists, free to write what we please on these walls
without fear of being fined for vandalism and destruction of property?

A lot of people use the internet to escape reality as much as people used to
use block parties to remember that they can still have fun. A lot of folks
use the internet as an escape from reality, but I don’t think that’s the
answer. The internet is a tool for research and learning, it’s the world’s
largest library, the world’s fastest museum, and we can use all this stuff
available to us to convince people that we can make the world beautiful if
we want to.

Thanks for your comments.

compassion: I’m not one to
say ‘stupid people shouldn’t breed’ or anything like that but I do agree
that it’s frustrating that all it seems to take to have a baby in some cases
is somebody with a stiffy and somebody else with spread legs. How do you
keep the solution from being Orwellian, however?

The reason I say this is because pretty much all my friends tell me they
believe they were unplanned or unwanted children. No real parent will ever
confess to that sort of thing honestly, and I’m fairly certain my mom and
dad wanted me (I’m the fourth of four children), but my point is that if I could wave
a wand and make the unwanted children go away, I’d probably have no

lazarusrat: My uncle
once told me that on a drive through Wyoming you either see cars with
liscence plates from other states, or cars loaded with stuff on them because
they’re moving out of Wyoming.

I kinda always knew that scene was forming though I’ve not heard of that
group specifically… thank you!… I’m going to have something to say
about (and possibly add to) all that when I come back.

vertigo_josh: Actually what
you probably think about Mozilla is exactly the reason I go Linux. I don’t
really need the commercial software that Windows offers and I rather like
the extra control.

I’ve heard good things about Mandrake Linux but my one attempt at it failed
to install because it couldn’t find the CD-ROM drive it booted from. I use
the Debian distribution, and have learned enough little tricks about how the
distro works to add pretty much any software I want… I want to try
Knoppix just to say I’ve done it, but since I don’t really use computer labs or
anything like that lately, and because my CD writer is not behaving, I don’t have a reason to use anything like that.
I’ve heard GeeXBox is really good if you just want to build a one-off video
playing computer with no hard disk.

Mister_Green: My mom was
all about belts and shoes. I didn’t get hit very often, because frankly
they did the job the few times they were used.

funzone: Welcome back! Hope
you’re doing alright…

Unless there’s a surprise post from my brother’s or my dad’s place, this’ll
be it until early February… thank you all for reading and best wishes
until I’m back. I’ll have plenty to say becauase there’s a lot of stuff I’m
going to start or keep working on when I return.

See you next time.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Yeah, Internet explorer sucks. I think Microsoft should curl up into a ball and die. Perhaps there is a deep section of Hell devoted to all of their software writers and ideaologists. Bill Gates is Satan! Hehe. I would like to remove XP Pro and move to Linux, but I have two issues. First off, I want to give Windows Longhorn a try later when it comes out… secondly, if I don’t like Longhorn, I’m still screwed with Linux… I haven’t had one person who can successfully load high speed internet software onto Linux. They always complain about network problems, and problems with IP configuration… Pitty.Stay cool man!~Josh


  2. I love your take on the internet.  If it weren’t for the information I found on the disease I have, I’d be in a very pitiful state right now.  I use it to learn every day and look forward to learning things that I had no idea even existed.
    Regarding parenting (again), I was certainly unplanned AND unwanted.  I was so unwanted that my mother never truly excepted having me and we no longer have a relationship.  This kind of thing doesn’t have to happen now, though.  There are methods that help prevent it and I fully believe they should be used along with massive amounts of parental training.  We don’t go anywhere that our children are not complimented for their excellent behavior.  No, we didn’t have formal training, but we sure as heck got in there and learned (and continue learning) for ourselves which is more than can be said for most parents.  As for real parents admitting to unplanned pregnancies, I did and do.  Both my biological children know they were not at all planned and have no problem with it.  They understand that while I didn’t expect to be able to have children (the word of two doctors), once I got them, I determined to be the best mom they could have.  I guess I am just far from normal in this department.  Infinite Blessings


  3. I don’t have many further comments on the band whose name I can’t even remember right now. I thought the concept sounded pretty cool and right up your alley. I especially like the idea of using a printer as an instrument.There may be Debian questions while you’re here. Mike used some extra money to get a second hard drive, so he now dual boots with Win2k and Knoppix (which has the easiest installer I’ve ever seen). We had it one there before, but never got around to the bigger stuff like recompiling his kernel.


  4. WOW you have a lot of people now reading your site 🙂 .  I know about anorexia sites -(pro anna) it is crazy..I know when I was going through that it was not as out as it is now.


  5. I use and view the internet the same way. It’s the world at my fingertips and a godsend for those of us with illness and/or shut ins. Great post, as usual


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