Tonight’s entry is being typed at aproximately 30,000 feet.  I was
bumped to a night flight, and the visibility is horrible so I can’t see
the horizon out the window.  Here’s hoping I don’t puke on my
Targus keyboard…

In response to a blog I read quite some time ago, I didn’t notice any
‘class separation’ while going through O’Hare that you wouldn’t
otherwise see-  nobody got a light, or free ride through the metal
detectors, and frankly, on account of the past few days weather,
virtually everybody was bumped, delayed, or cancelled in some way or


Not quite that bad, but close.  While waiting out the five hours
for my plane to leave, sitting in front of my gate waiting for it to
open, some lady asked, “Can you watch this for me?” gesturing to a full
shopping bag, probably with some toys or something for her folks
waiting for her when she arrives.

Right.  I’ll watch the bomb while it explodes in my lap.

“It’s not wise to leave anything alone in an airport.  The Police can take it,” I answered.

Perhaps I should have been more terrified when she ‘hid’ her bag
against the window and went to the washroom.  Or maybe I should
have stood up and scolded her loudly to attract attention…

Instead I watched, and several attendants walked past her bag, ignoring
it.  The plane’s in the sky and I’m alive, so I guess nothing’s
coming of it.

Thank you all for your comments.  I know it’s been a while, it was a good relaxing trip, all-in-all.

vertigo_josh:  The
important lesson in having all these software alternatives is that we
do have a choice, at least to an extent, of what kind of software we
want to put in our computers.  Companies may require certain
abilities and compatibilities but even those limitations can go away
once people notice that there’s a world outside of Windows…  You
don’t even have to have a mouse-clicking interface, I did without GUI
for a very long time.

It took an hour to set up IP-CHAINS, it’s supposedly even faster to set
up IP-TABLES, and once it’s done, it’s done.  ‘ifup -a’ brings the
whole internet up and ‘ifdown -a’ takes it down.

All the workstations in your house introduce themselves via DHCP with
‘pump’ and most distributions handle all those automatically.

If you still have trouble, I reccommend something called
‘firestarter’.  Don’t rely on it, use it to learn how to make an
IP-TABLES or IP-CHAINS setup and tweak it to taste.

boo_2 and compassion:  The
internet is supposed to be a library, that’s how it came into
existence, the entertainment/advertising aspects came later.  It
certainly isn’t supposed to be a method for encouraging or harbouring
criminal behaviour.

And from the looks of things, it sounds like you adjusted to parenthood
just fine.  Some people know their calling from the jump, and
others…  find out.


By the time I put this up my brother have just turned 30.  He’s lived
alone pretty much since I moved out of his place in order to live in
the midwest, and as far as I can tell, he only gets visited by one
friend who frankly, was a friend of mine before I move.

(I hope to keep better touch with them from now on.)

The last time I came down he gave me his old playstation machine and
bought me a stack of games for it ‘because you can’t have mine.’ 
Just gave it to me and bought some hundred dollars of stuff like it was

This time he took me shopping and bought me a stack of DVD’s. 
Throughout this trip, in fact, everybody’s bought me food, I think I’ve
bought a total of one meal (in the airport) and a bottle of pop in a
gas station.

My brother often catches hell for his minimal social existance, that
friend I was talking about before once said ‘he’s very private’ and I
guess that’s accurate.  I often say I don’t go clubbing because I
really can’t afford it but he can’t really use that excuse…  He
gets decent money (for his region) as the lead computer technician in
his shop which sells and services IBM product if I’m not mistaken.

I remember being at a party meeting a white guy that mostly grew up as
a military boy in Japan, explaining the origins and meanings of the
word ‘otaku’ that animation types like to use and misuse on
themselves.  The correct way to use the word, if I recall, is with
some older language that translates, ‘He is his house,’ though actually
meaning, ‘He is a nerd.’  This means when Japanese are calling
someone a geek or a nerd they’re really complaining about how an
individual is so obsessed with some kind of art or whatever that he
keeps to himself.

Perhaps a better way to think about the phrase, since the language is
old, would be, ‘He ist hist domain,’ or if that’s too old, simply, ‘He
is his domecile.’

Despite his obsession, there is no expressed level of dementia when I
visit my brother; he says he’s been to one convention and doesn’t
costume-play or anything like that…  (I think he said he really
just went to convention to shop.  I get the impression he had a
good enough time, though…)  Perhaps brothers don’t talk about
things like that, but I’ve never heard him talk about being attracted
sexually to animation characters or anything like that…  He just
likes what he watches and that’s about it.

Why are those simpler sorts more difficult to find?  Maybe I just have bad luck…

Other highlights of this trip:

My dad’s taken multiple time-outs to make certain I’m happy with where
my life is going, and I even told him I’ve written on the subject…

It’s said life is a journey, not a destination, therefore, life is not
a goal or a race, the reason we have goals is so that we have a
reference point to determine that we’ve actually gone somewhere. If
this reference point is too far away you won’t percieve it moving very
much, though it will be that much more of an accomplishment if you pass
it eventually anyway. “Nearby” goals are much easier to deal with, and
by achieving them quickly and often you remember that life will not
stop for you when you acheive your goals, nor will it yield when you do
not. You always have to make sure you have something to do.

My dad’s wife had some nice things to say; I wish I knew how to say
“Thanks for taking care of my dad” without it sounding like there ought
to be a “so I don’t have to” or a “because I can’t” after it.

It was a good trip though; I wish I could tack another couple days onto it.


As I’m writing this I’m staring out the windows at the gate at
Jacksonville Airport, looking at the aircraft that will take me to
Chicago after the issues caused by last night’s snow have cleared up.
I’m dressed for a winter arrival but it’s 60 degrees and overcast
here… I’m a little hot. Heard a couple going on about how they
couldn’t stand the snow that was on the ground their entire week in the
midwest and yet, my old friend down this way wants to visit me one day
so he can see snow.

This airport is so quaint compared to what I’m used to. You can leave
your car doors open without fearing some cabbie will zip around the
terminal and clip them off, with no regard for anyone’s safety, making
sure its passenger is absolutely on time. Here, I wish I had a quarter
for everyone who has been paged by Terminal or Security for forgetting
a boarding pass or an ID.

My bags are so light this trip that I keep feeling like I’ve forgotten
something. All the better while I’m waiting, though.  I’m usually
really bad about bringing entire video game machines or computers on
trips with me, this time around it was just my cell phone and PDA…

Hope everybody’s doing better than the weather here seems to be…  best wishes to all.

Next time I’ll try to write something heady.

See you next time.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Sucks being broke. I took a trip to Florida with my girlfriend, and she insisted on buying everything. I couldn’t’ve bought anything if I’d wanted to, because the trip took place in the middle of my week, around the time I was flat broke. Ah well, though, right? Shit happens.


  2. I guess I’m my domicile then. 🙂 It drives Mike nuts, because I never want to go do anything. A lot of that comes from how I grew up. Out in the country, on a farm with nothing but fields for miles. And since my parents were always tired after the day’s work, we’d just stay home most of the time. If you don’t learn to entertain yourself, you go crazy. Sometimes I forget about that part and just blame everything on being a straight-up introvert. Probably six of one and half a dozen of the other.


  3. I need a vacation… too much electronics and computer lingo lately. I was in my electronics class yesterday and went into a 15 minute gaze at the end of which the professor said “Ok, everybody got that?” and I had no idea what she said to begin with. I only hope I can manage to get through mid-terms next week.~Josh


  4. It’s quite the paradox. I can’t force the kind of freedom I feel a relationship should have, yet I feel like I can’t really waffle on that principle. That being said, I don’t want to lose friends over it. Blah, it’s all so complex. I need a drink.


  5. I tried to comment before today but xanga wasn’t cooperating with me.
    Hoping you’re enjoying your trip Your brother sounds perfectly fine to me. Your father seems very caring. Your stepmom…lol…i’m sure she knows you’re grateful she’s there for your dad. Just the way you wrote how you felt made me chuckle. I feel that way about my sister-in-law, as she’s my older bro’s 2nd wife and saved him and his kids from permanent misery I’m sure.
    Have a safe trip home.


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