Okay, so this wasn’t quite the light week I expected.  At least it
was educational for me in certain ways, so I’m not bothered by the
amount of things I did or didn’t finish… at least not yet…

See the one on the left, back turned with the messed up hair? 
That’s me playing bass for my pal Jayson (center) who flew me down to
Brunswick, GA on less than two day’s notice so I could play this Battle
of the Bands with him.  They picked me up at the airport, we
borrowed a bass for me, I went to sleep that night, and the next day we
played.  We were tied to win with another group, so the judges
asked the sponsoring radio personality to break the tie, who chose the
other group.  As a kind of appeasement for the situation, the
sponsoring music store threw in some studio session time to our second

I had to beg my brother to skip one of his tech tests and drive me back
to the airport the next day because our friend Caroline’s jeep was
wrecked from running over a piece of tire junk when they brought me
back from the airport…  I still owe him for that, and a bunch of
other things…

I’m currently writing a historical review of the band (Dollarwead) for
him; my pal’s still playing albeit with different people.  I
wanted it to be done by tonight, but I just couldn’t make a completed
work come out in one shot Thursday…  I hope he’ll keep writing
me back with input so I can flesh it all out for him.


The lady that lets me stay at her house (I think I’ll just say The Lady
for simplicity) had to go to court in Wisconsin a few days ago because
someone she used to know owed her some serious money and had just filed
for bankruptcy.

While she was there she ran into a man that was filing for bankruptcy
for the third time.  From his age, this means he has been bankrupt
for his entire adult life, as bankruptcy filings must be something like
7 to 10 years apart, depending on your state.

He recognized him from his adverts and cards that she had from some
time ago.  He ran a debt councelling business, and called himself
the ‘Debt Doctor’.

Perhaps this means he has a lot of experience with being in debt and is well suited to give advice to the effect…

Or maybe he’s just that bad.  Who knows?


My boss at work, who we’ll call Gary, was complaining earlier in the
week that it seems the old managers never come by to visit the store
after they’ve gone on to better things.  This of course, is only
partly true, but he had a point-  quite a few of the managers that
had left in the past few years didn’t leave on the best of terms…

Well, an old manager visited last night, let’s call her Tara…  I
remember Tara when I first took the job, she was still in high school
and was at the sales associate level (lowest rung) and I kinda watched
her grow…

I remember she hooked up with a coworker and they had a baby and got married and divorced…

It made her mature really fast, that’s how she could handle two jobs
(maybe even three at one point!) at once and still mind her son, and
she eventually earned the Senior Assistant Manager spot, and did pretty
well with it for some time if I remember right…

She stopped in to visit the last night to say hi and also so we could
meet her new fiancee and his two girls, and it was neat to see her
again.  We didn’t get to talk too much though… it was close to
closing time and the younger of the two girls was sick and threw up in
one of the aisles.  Apologies were given and accepted during some
fifteen minutes of cleanup, and then they were on their way.

After she was gone, Gary told me to make sure he never complains about
past employees visiting again.  We then imagined the old boss
visiting with an assortment of firearms.

Thank you all for your comments.

vertigo_josh:  Thanks, I’m glad you’re still reading…  I
should be writing more often, I kinda feel bad about that… maybe
it’ll pick up over the next week, I’ve got a lighter week coming up.

Londo:  Larry’s Giant Subs serves subs a little bit longer than
Subway, and with about twice the meat.  They also toast the bread,
a la Quizno’s…  And for authenticity’s sake they serve Tastykake.

compassion and boo_2:  I’ve seen a lot of job ads seeking
‘self-motivated goal-oriented’ individuals, and I just kinda wonder why
they feel the need to spend the money to throw those words into an
ad-  it should go without saying to me…

I remember my first ‘real’ job was laying down sod at a n
under-construction golf course which eventually all died because it was
too hot and not raining enough…  but just the point-  my
second day there I want to say something like eight extra people were
referred and helped put down the grass for about one hour and that’s
it.  Instead of being glad they had a job, or just acknowledging
the work was hard, they were insulted by the work and chose not to do

Is this from a thought that there are ‘greater’ and ‘lesser’ jobs, and therefore, greater and lesser people?

I get similar impressions every time an instruction comes from the mall
office.  Last time I checked, the mall office made our money,
which we pay to them so we can stay there, yet they tell us how
we ought to do certain things…  and some make more sense than

Then I get to thinking about all the people they have sitting in desks
in the offices, making the money we pay them in rent, the money made
partly from my efforts, that could otherwise go to other things, like
better product for the customer and better payroll so we can put more
employees on and actually have enough people to help all the weekend

Then I have to wonder if most of our rent pays the tax to the village.

I just don’t know…

The purpose of these people, of course, is to maintain a kind of social
order within their mall, and to a certain extent, keep customers
shopping in it.

I’ve sometimes wondered if the distinction between a good and bad
person in our society is whether or not folks get caught
cheating.  You see, the next ugly rationale on this thread of
thought is that obedient people rarely succeed.  I really hope
that isn’t true…  I just wonder why it seems like the hardest
working people make the least money, though I doubt those office jobs
I’m supposed to be striving for are hardly about sitting at a desk.

lazarusrat:  Mary Poppins’ proverbial spoonful of sugar comes to
mind.  I haven’t met a lot of people that are good at making
tedious tasks seem fun, but every fun pursuit has some measure of
tedium to it eventually.

I actually have trouble understanding certain aspects of the whole
‘instant gratification’ culture, because most things worth doing can’t
be done quickly, and do indeed take a certain measure of work to

I showed my cousin how to finger some basic chords on a student guitar
his mother had in storage, and he’s since learned nothing else as far
as I can tell.  I don’t even remember the last time I heard him
mess with it.

Speaking of which, I’ve been playing with some new sounds lately, but
they’re not coming along as quickly as I hoped, though if anyone wants
to hear a few major scales I can post them…

Otherwise, at present rate I should be ready for another post in about a week.

See you next time.


8 thoughts on “

  1. If I still had DSL, I would be telling you I wanted to hear you play, but since my connection is so slow, that won’t happen.  Half the time I am lucky if I get pictures to show up completely (or at all). 
    Regarding the work ethics, I think that if more people were able to relax and try to enjoy what they are doing, they would realize that the money takes care of itself and that better jobs/better people is just a myth.  Infinite Blessings


  2. Did this battle of the bands thing just happen, or is this the one from a few years ago (or however long it’s been)?To me, there are two things to making tedium tolerable. The first is taking pride in it, no matter how bad it sucks. The only jobs I’ve been dissatisfied with are ones where I’ve felt I couldn’t do it well. The second thing is a bit harder for me to put into words, but basically you’re not your job. To me a big part of the point of school was learning to deal with a daily big chunk of something you don’t want to be doing. You learn what you do and don’t have to devote your attention to, and when you don’t have to pay attention, think about or do other stuff. How many of the kids that figured out doodling is better than taking notes when you can are happier at their jobs than the kids who never learned their minimum required attention?


  3. ORANGE!  Cool beans on that battle of the bands thing.  I so wish I could do that, but alas… it requires a little something called talent .  Anywho I started my drawings on whatever day I drew the smiling “asshole” comic.  I figure since I can’t tell a joke to save my life, I’ll let my drawings attempt it.  ORANGE!


  4. I can’t make any job seem fun. The only way I can get through a day of manual labor is to just complain the whole time, and most people don’t like that. I wish I could get a job splitting lumber the old-fashioned way, with a maul, at a historical park or something-or-other.


  5. Great pic — at least if you didn’t win, you got some studio time! And the experience must have been fun
    The debt doctor sounds like others I know about though they’re in different fields. They say they have the answers and in some sad cases, are “teaching” others. The big thing I keep seeing is “Life Coach” and I laugh at how ridiculous that is….ah heck, don’t get me started on this.
    Jobs and working – in my case, when I loved when I did and when I didn’t love what I did, the only things which caused me pain and anguish were OTHER PEOPLE. LOL The work didn’t really affect me negatively, it was the idiots around me. I realize that sounds mean but, well, it’s true mostly.


  6. Re: your comments on firefly’s blog:You are my hero :smile:I just think the debt doctor thing is hysterical. Personaly I enjoy being broke. Having no money means never worrying about money.


  7. Just wanted to tell you that I found your comment to my animals, bigamy etc. blog very interesting.  I agree that to kill an animal means using as much as can be used.  It is only right.  Infinite Blessings


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