Thanks for your comments…

Griff_the_Bear:  I respect your decision…  if you want me
to remove any references as such (including this sentence) say the word
and it’s done.

You write well and I don’t mean any harm in your general direction.

Londo:  What did you expect me to look like?  My glasses are
much smaller now… in fact, as soon as I’ve scraped for contacts
they’ll be absent (again.)  I hope you didn’t think I’d look like
that 8-bit thing.

compassion:  I know exactly what you’re talking about, though not
from personal experience…  When I went to visit my folks the
last couple times, they were very obviously worried that I’ve seemed to
lower the importance of music in my life, almost like there’s something
wrong just because I don’t want to put my life at risk over it anymore.

vertigo_joshDollarwead play a kind of rock music inspired by
the early-90’s California thing (that’s Pixies, Jane’s Addiction, Chili
Peppers, and friends) the Grunge thing, and the recent Brit Pop thing,
leaning towards Oasis and Blur, though there are other groups that fall
under that umbrella.  Visit the site for examples of what we did
in the photographs there…  I believe ‘Pretend’, ‘Bonanza
Jellybean’, and ‘Sun’ were in the set that day (and I’m pretty sure
snips of all three are available there…)

I was moved out of Georgia and eventually to where I am now by an
Ambient producer
(who still records and occasionally performs) so that
we could start work on a synth-pop kind of project, even finding me a
(who I believe is also still performing.)  Because these
songs do not 100% belong to me, I cannot make them available.

Somewhere  in there, my grandmother died and I developed a
viscious writer’s block, and among other setbacks, I’ve spent most of
that time getting on my feet (if you can call this that) so that I
slowly developed towards the way I live today.

Occasionally, I find time to make up beats and such, and sometimes I
flesh them out into pieces, and sometimes I don’t…  This piece
is approximately 3 years old.

Quick disclaimer first:

Creative Commons License

The audio work posted here is licensed under a Creative Commons License, and are copyrighted ©2004 Christopher Hunter.



Sorry, I haven’t got my hands on an mp3 encoder but mp2’s usually play
in the same players (despite their larger size.)  I recommend the
OGG Vorbis versions since they are both smaller than mp3 and are of
higher sound quality.

I want to do more to this piece, psychologically, but every time I’ve
listened to it for the past year or so I’ve decided I can’t really do
anything else to it without ruining it, so it must be finished for
better or for worse…

Here’s a new piece, and I’ve put a snip of a dial-up version for
anybody that’s curious and confined to a phone line.  I programmed
it this morning, though I’ve wanted to make something that sounds like
it for some time…  what I don’t like about it is that it sounds
too much like the other piece and that it has that kind of airy feel
that suggests the sale of luxury cars.  I’m most proud of the bass
note that hangs on somewhere after the four minute mark, roughly where
I started the short-version edit.


Both these mixes are rough and untested on speakers besides mine, so comments to that effect are appreciated.

Oh, since somebody’s bound to ask, these were programmed with Cheesetracker using some loops created in Hydrogen.

For those unaccustomed to this sort of music, keep in mind that the
tension and release is created by the presence and abscence of the
phrases, the rhythmic interaction between them, and the subtle changes
in them over time.  If it still sounds repetitive, try to focus on
the bass.

These pieces are why I had to tell my dad that I think I know what I
want to do with my music, but I don’t know how to make money off of

See you next time.
<!–                     –>


5 thoughts on “

  1. Oh how I wish I could hear your music.  My connection is much too slow for anything like that to work so I am stuck just wondering.  Still, one thing I can say I’ve gotten from your blog is that you think.  You honestly put one thought in front of the other and move forward instead of blindly grasping at nothing.  It’s thinking like that, that will ensure you will go where you choose, when you choose.  I know it.
    Before I end this, I wanted to tell you that I appreciated your last comment on my blog about tutoring.  I feel that way in trying to teach new math concepts to my kids.  I understand it too much to know how to explain it to them.  My husband always ends up having to do it.  Infinite Blessings


  2. I like the bass subtones on “morning after midnight”.  Running it through a 15″ speaker in a bass amp works well.  Really shakes the apartment, and probably pisses off my neighbors… but that’s another story   Nice mixes though.  I personally use Acid Pro to mix my own songs, and remix songs I like.  I mess around with alot of 30 Seconds to Mars songs.  There’s alot of synth in their music, and it’s really up beat… nice to toy around with.


  3. Thanks for the comment on the lemon air.. 0_o. no more lemony fresh computer for me ^^.  But anywho, I exceedingly enjoyed morning after midnight.  The work is really nice.  I know how you can make your money on this music.. because there are alot of famous artists out there who sound similar to you and use a lot of synth.  Air being one of them.. if you haven’t heard of them.. definitely look into them.  I got a good laugh when you said that it was airy.
    I also fiddle around with lovely loop and synth programs.. my favorite being FrootyLoops (which is an industry standard program) not to undermine acid pro (which I also have).
    I’m actually in need of some good sounding synth and bass music, because I’m working on a demo reel for my computer animation, and need some audio to go along with it.  The only thing I could see wrong is everything in your songs were completely synthesized..  I would try adding in sounds of actual instruments like clarinet or some piano for background and foreground.


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