You know, for all the news about unrest in Haiti, for all the word that
there would soon be a revolt, that their current dictator was an
ignorant liar and what not, and for all the people fleeing Haiti any
way they could, why is it that when stuff like this finally hits the
fan, everybody has to act all shocked about it and then pretend they
want nothing to do with it?

Is the USA’s lack of concern for the people of Haiti related to them
being one of the poorest countries in the world?  As far as I can
tell is, if it’s true the USA flew their old dictator to safety, it’s
the only foresight demonstrated in the whole ordeal.  Many people
will be robbed, tortured, and killed, because the people taking up half
this little island just don’t seem to be useful enough to care for or

Meanwhile, halfway around the world, civil war prepares to ruin a
country the USA liberated on purpose, peoples now freed to injure each
other with deadly terror tactics.  Of course, I really don’t have
enough information yet to comment on this event, being that a lot of
folks want the USA out of Iraq, perhaps for the purpose of being able
to bomb innocent people all they want.  Who knows?  I hope
everything ends well…

Thank you all for your comments…

Welcome new subscriber Griff_the_Bear…  not sure how you ended up here, or how a gigantic bear can work a keyboard…

But just to start you off, here’s a little something
you might want to watch out for, on the order of that teddy bear gripe
you had.  (This article should not be read by children. 
Sorry I didn’t disclaim it sooner.  -ch)

Next order of things, just to make sure people didn’t think it was
recent, that photograph, courtesy of the Dollarwead site, is something
like six years old.

I forgot Jayson had another one that sorta shows my face.

That’s me in the extremely dark background, Lance the guitar player is in front, and Jayson is in the middle.

Londo:  If you’re having a hard time liking work, I’ve found that
liking the people you work with tends to be more important than liking
the work, much like how boo_2 put it.

In fact, I’ve never had a job I completely dreaded because I usually
like the people I’ve worked with, and furthermore, the only years I
remember liking school were both years when I had more friends than

boo_2:  Yeah, I’ve kinda heard of life coaches too.  My dad
used to be really into motivational speakers, and some are better than
others…  I’ve heard it said that people have to take their own
paths to happiness, but at the same time I’ve heard it said that people
need other people to tell them what to do.  I’ve seen examples of
both, and I’ve been guilty of both sides of the coin…  I tend to
agree with the former, though.  The more people tell me what I
should do, the more likely I am to be unhappy with the end result, and
I can only blame myself for taking bad advice, but when I fail on my
own, I can only blame myself, but it’s not so bad because it was my own
plan, I didn’t just let somebody else mess up for me.

Hope that made sense.

vertigo25:  Welcome!…  Well, not having money has its share
of worriies too, like, how long I’m going to be able to stay where I
live and if I’ll be able to do something about it when I can’t… 
but it’s nice that in recent days I don’t have a lot of financial


Ever run into somebody you haven’t seen or heard from in years, and you
just get this ugly feeling that you ought to be doing way better than
you ought to be?…

It’s kinda like the one relative in the family that’s well to do, while
the rest of the family is just average or worse…  or the kid
that gets the good score on the test so that it wrecks the curve and
the rest of the class looks bad…

You just gotta put a nice face on and be happy for the person, because
you are…  but with each new bit of news makes you feel like
you haven’t done enough to get towards your goals, or if your goals
mean anything in the first place.

On second thought, I think it’s a very similar feeling to the one I get
when I meet other musicians for the first time, a feeling like, I
should be where you are now, but I’m just… not.  It’s sort of a

Maybe it should serve as a reminder that goals are only meaningful to the people that set them in the first place.

See you next time.


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  1. I love the last section of this, but have to say that for a lot of parents, the goals the child sets (even when the child is grown) are even more important to them than they would ever be to that child.  Did that make any sense at all?  It sounded so good in my head.  *L*  Infinite Blessings


  2. So what type of music do you play? Being that you’re in Illinios, and I’m not too far away… if your guitarist or bassist ever croaks, you can call me I’m an avid music inthusiast… Oh yeah, thanks for the comment. I have no idea what I’m doing with my career at the moment. Just trying to stay employed until next year when I graduate. Later,~Josh


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