Thanks for your comments.

Londo:  I can tell you understand where I’m coming from…  I
just wanted to make sure the whole conundrum was there on public
display, so to speak.

I don’t hate their art, though I think it needs some sense of
progression (it’s pretty much looked the same since the early 90’s) I
just can do without the (mis)behaviour.

lazarusrat:  Music lost a lot of its fun for me once it became an
essential ingredient for my continued survival, and it took me a long
time to realize how much that line of thought was hurting me, so I
understand why you don’t want to draw for a living.  I think
you’re good enough if you wanted to put the effort in it, though.

vertigo_josh:  There’s nothing wrong with taking a break; it’s
safer than losing friends, though at the same time, if you let your
friends be, and they’re not well (that is, if they need your negative
attention to develop as people) it might not help them if you’re silent.

Considering I don’t know anyone who is paid to write a blog, I think
work comes before the blog any day.  As I’m writing this, I just
got home from work.


One of the neat things about being my age and living like I do, is that
I pretty much can dress and act as I want to, provided I don’t piss off
the customers at the store (too much) and stay within the dress code
when I’m at work, nobody really says I should do anything to my hair or
dress a certain way…

The disadvantage is that I guess I’m allowed to be so individualistic
that nobody will tell me when something is wrong, like when the wind
has blown all my hair sideways or if I’ve forgotten to bring up my
zipper.  I went through half a day with my fly open and nobody
told me.  Is this because I’m expected to do things like that, or
is it because people feared my reaction to learning my fly was down
from them, or did people just not notice my fly was down for half of a

Only recently has anybody ever commented about my appearance for better
or for worse, and that was because in the past few weeks I’ve been
going through some kind of strange second puberty or something, because
my face has broken out in acne for no reason, and I had this big
whitehead over the left corner of my mouth.  (The Lady said
something about it when I left for work.)  It’s almost gone
now…  I’ll let you know if my voice starts cracking and lowering
again or something.

A recommended site for folks that need more funk in their lives:


A strange gentleman recognized me in the store today and decided to give me his card for a second time.

A year or so ago, I was a common target for folks selling ‘franchise
opportunities’ that had no substance, offered and sold no product, just
the chance to make money if I only gave up $500 that I don’t have.

Of course I’m throwing his card in the trash.  Do I really come over as gullible?

See you next time.


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  1. You don’t come across as gullible here.  As for the fly, maybe there were other reasons noone told.   Infinite Blessings


  2. It’s not quite that. That’s kind of what happened with me and writing, which is something I did want to do for a living, and something I could see myself doing still given the right stuff happening. I have no idea what the right stuff is, unfortunately.I’ve just never had any real desire to do art professionally. There was a brief period of fantasizing about it around the ninth grade, but never anything serious. It’s not “I’d try to do this professionally except that would ruin it.” It’s “I’m doing exactly what I want with this already.”I’d be surprised if most people even noticed your fly was open. Do you really think people are looking at your crotch that much?


  3. You can make your own backgrounds and whatnot for your cell phone… you just need a usb or serial interface cord.  In retail stores they’re about $40 if you can even find them… online they’re much cheaper.  Different phones also handle different resolutions.
    Yep… I’m a cell phone dork.  I’ve been quoted saying I talk more on a cell phone than a 14 year old girl.  Hehe… take it easy man!


  4. lmfao.. your fly open all day eh??.. classic.. I had that happen once..  got home and realised my fly was open.. I was kind of embarrased, but shrugged it off because 1)if someone feared my reaction, they obviously didn’t don’t know me well enough for me to care 2)it must not have been important if they neglected to say anything, or even noticed for that matter.  If its not important to anybody else.. why worry about it.. thats my motto..


  5.   Yeah, I’ve never wandered around with my fly open without being told, or at least noticing it sometime during the day.  I guess I’m just lucky.


  6. I’ve found that unless in the company of close friends, nobody ever tells us when our fly is down Try not to take it personally.
    About your skin, you know that stuff they sell on tv…Proactive it’s called….if you can afford it, buy just the cleanser. That alone will help a lot. Its’ amazing stuff.


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