I’m not well today so this is gonna be short.  I hope it’s just the freak weather making me ache.

Welcome reader TrigguhHippie.  India’s a long way from here…

Thanks for the comments.

The only thing that’s ever happened to me at work that I’d think of as
more embarrasing is that I split my pants once and used a spare ad
button to pin the hole until I could get home.

lazarusrat:  Yeah, that’s right, I just have to make it a point to
read more of your stuff.  I gotta get back to you on the stuff you
sent me still.  Were you a double major or an English major with a
lot of tech classes?

vertigo_josh:  I know there’s tools available but they’re not
stable enough for me to want to throw money at the cable yet.  I
don’t understand why there aren’t more products made with the assumtion
that people will want to reprogram them.


On the way to work I saw a car half-pulled out of the Autozone,
blocking traffic, driver staring dumbfounded ahead.  The left
front wheel had decided it didn’t want to be a part of his car anymore,
and was aimed perpendicular so I could see his whole brake assembly.


I’m not up to going into detail, so here’s something to think about…

Would prescription medicine become cheaper if it was not advertised?

Would there be more generic medicine if the life of a patent shortened to two to four years (or less)?

I’ll go into some detail when my head doesn’t feel cloudy.

See you next time.


5 thoughts on “

  1. Hi. Thanks a bunch for your comment on my site, I appreciate it.
    To answer your queries:
    a) Yes, the ‘Nik’ in the poem is the same ‘Nik’ I wanted to kill with a jack hammer in the other post. So much so for angst eh ?
    b) By ‘north Indian hopes of a platonic relationship’ I mean something that is possibly unique to North Indian men, you know the neandrathal jerk-off behaviour- no matter how much you educate them, they don’t evolve, they just fester and languish in the wee corners on your brain and remain cretins. But I am guessingh that is a malaise that almost every man can call his own, Indian or not Indian, and every woman can empathise with.
    c)There’s unrest in nearby Haiti, but the USA keep sending soldiers to the Middle East- I’d rather not say anything on that score, lest I offend your sensibilities. Lets just say Haiti doesn’t have oil and there is only this much coconuts and pina coladas on the beach can do for Bush and Co.
    Thanks again for stoppin’ by.. Keep Rockin!


  2. I was a Creative Writing major with a handful of tech classes. The only ones where I didn’t know more than the prof were the database class and…I don’t remember if the other one was actually a class on web design or if that was just a major part of it. That was back in the middle of the browser wars, and we got *nix shell accounts to design our pages, which was my intro to that. The classes I took were spread through three different departments, so I never even got close to a minor.I’d like to think that revamping patents or advertising for pharmaceuticals would change things, and it might for a while. But I think the big drug companies would find a way to continue fucking their customers regardless. It’d be interesting to see numbers on international sales/profits. How big a dent would changes to US patent laws make in (insert drug company)’s overall budget?


  3. I’m sorry to learn you aren’t feeling well and hope that you are better before you even get a chance to read this.  You are in my prayers.  Infinite Blessings


  4. Feel better soon. Bed rest, hot liquids and chicken soup should help a bit.
    Prescription meds…dont’ get me started. LOL I’ll wait to see what you have to say about it in your next post


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