As I’m starting to write this, my cousin is in his room having a fit
because he’s having trouble with a vocabulary quiz on his PC which he
ought to be able to pass.  I just shooed him out of my room
because I refuse to give him the answers, and now he’s just getting
angry at himself and thinking he’s stupid…  I have no idea how
to approach this.

In better news, I spent some time with my pals this weekend, and in a way I kinda needed it…

I’m trying to make myself work on projects more, though.


I never really went for the whole April Fool’s Day thing.  It
seems rude to decieve people on purpose and most April Fools jokes
borderline on hazing; I don’t remember originating one and I brush them
off as childish.  I like to think that most of the world’s
problems are rooted in folks that have not kept their word.

These are the words of a hypocrite, however.  Most, if not all, of
my life’s difficulties can be traced back to defaulted promisory notes-
a failure on my part to keep my word and repay my debts as promised.

What can I say?

I like to give myself a lot of ‘hobby’ projects, things I say I will do
and though I peck away at them, I don’t show signs of progress the way
I’d like to be able to, and though I can make excuses like ‘I had to
work too much’ and ‘my friends needed me’ or ‘I need to have some fun
now because I haven’t in a while’ I see people doing better with their
hobbies and such, and I just feel like I need to do a better job at
finishing what I start, and doing what I say I will do.

I have to finish my nephew’s game code, I have to draw more pictures on
the Commodore machines like I said I would, and I have to work on my

The good news on this count, for now, is that I’ve been messing with a
synthesizer emulator that’s been giving me new ideas on how I can work
and write.  More later.


I’ve heard a couple folks buzzing about needing a successful credit check in order to get a job.

I understand why nobody will lend me money.  This doesn’t bother
me, it’s fair, it’s not a big deal, I’ve learned to live with it.

But a job?

The most telling line from the last time I had my credit check run
(which you may or may not know was for a mobile telephone) was the one
that said, “percentage of debts repaid as promised.”

The problem I have with the choice of words in the line is that if that
credit history was being used to decide whether or not I am honest
enough to do a job, I’m hopeless.  Of course, I’d like to think my
refernces and job history meant something too, but I have no way of

The last time this subject came up, the conclusion was that the biggest
asset (or problem) in retail labor is work ethic, what part of the
application process checks for work ethic?

If there is plain evidence that I have lots of bills to pay and that I
have not been able to keep up with them, will I be more or less likely
to work well or otherwise, steal?


Unseasonably busy Thursday, time for supper.

I’m on my break, eating my fast food in the back of the store.  In
fact, I don’t think I was that hungry that day.  I want to say it
was one of those $1 McDonald’s ice creams or something (the ice cream
joint near us in the mall is now gone, in fact, the near food court is
kinda depressing…)

The clerk that was minding the counter in my stead appeared in the back
room through the back door (that’s the service corridor, not the store)
and announced that he was sent on break too, and that he didn’t
understand why the manger of the day just told him to go…  He
disappeared out the back door.

Two minutes later, the manager appeared from the sales floor.  He
came back to fetch something he needed for the counter, and quickly
muttered, “I sent him on break because he wasn’t doing anything besides
following me around and talking.  He wasn’t watching the counter
or helping anybody at all, so I figured he’d might as well be on break.”

A treat for those of the Western Christian persuasion:

Easter has always been a depressing time of year for me, which is
ironic, considering it’s when everything is coming back to life…

Thank you all for your comments.

The best response I have to all of them is that there has to be some
better way to reach our governments besides the single (or multiple)
vote.  “Let’s all organize marches in the name of health care that
will cost stupendous amounts of money and fall completely on deaf ears!”

But if such a thing kept people talking about the problem, who
knows?  Maybe somebody will notice that it’s a good idea to come
up with a solution faster than the ones we’re seeing now, and
preferably before more people die just because we can’t get proper
medicine to them fast enough.

I hope to be in a better mood soon, because I’ll have a listenable
result from one of these programs I’ve been playing with all last
week.  We’ll see.

Best wishes to all.

See you next time.


5 thoughts on “

  1.      Ah, I miss my days in retail. Maybe I’ll try and get back to it this summer.
         I need a credit card to rent a car and rent a movie at Blockbuster. I applied for a half-dozen ‘student’ cards with $500 limits and was denied by every single one of them. They advertised their cards as “a great way to build credit” yet the reason they listed for denying me was “insufficient credit history”. Hm…here’s your sign.


  2. First, no April Fools jokes?  What in the world is that?  We had a ball with one another and everyone took it in good fun as jokes were played on them.  Of course in our house one of the rules is nothing harmful.  You can get a little wet, make a bit of mess, but cause no stain and no pain.  *G*  Second, finishing projects is something most everyone needs to work on and something we were just discussing in our house last night.  Here’s to accomplishing one goal this week!  Third, credit checks for jobs?  I’m glad not to be in the position to have to agree to something like that.  I’d be livid.  I think it is bad enough that doctors are expecting potential patients to fill out applications much less have to give a future employer the right to check my credit history.  Wrong. Wrong.  Wrong.  Infinite Blessings


  3.   Well, then I’m infinitely screwed.  I waited too long to get hired anywhere (2 years after graduating High School), blundered into a mild economic depression, can’t get a credit card because I’m jobless, can’t get a job because I have no work experience or training, and might be confounded further by proof of credit that I don’t have!  Wow, I’m about to give up.  Damnable existence…


  4. It all starts in fast food…. get a job there to gain experience, then get a better job… then pay a deposit on a cell phone or a credit card… then be in debt for you whole life… it’s a conspiracy! 
    I think it’s cool though… I mean the cell phone thing.  Some companies are more picky than others.  In fact, I had to do a credit check to move into my aparment!  I wonder why credit is such a big deal.  If anyone wants their credit run, give me a call.  I can run credit as I am an authorized credit runner cell phone guy… *can’t disclose comany name*.
    Good luck to ya!


  5. Hey…. Lol, as much as I ‘d like to take credit for that peice of prose, it’s not me, it’s the Lizard King’s poetry- AKA Jim Morrison.
    I think the poem is called Trunk or something…
    I found it scribbled in my report card because I remember being 15, angst ridden and hearing the doors sing ‘peace frog’  ad nauseam
    I hope you are well and such!


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