Sorry I’ve been kind of scarce with the comments and such… 
Between easter and some other things I kinda made myself too busy and
overwhelmed, but I’ll get myself back into better habits in good time.

Today I paid my taxes via the internet, and had to print out a form to
sign and mail.  Isn’t the point of doing taxes on the internet to
completely skip the paper and mail thing?  Just saying…


In the vestibule of our post office is a list of all the things you are
not allowed to put in the mail, and next to the list, is an orange

“By federal law, we are not permitted to give you your mail.  It
must be delivered by your carrier, so do not ask us to give you your
mail.  If you wish to pick up your mail, please apply for a PO Box
for this purpose.

“Also, we cannot put a one-day hold on anyone’s mail, so do not ask us to do this.”

There are several ‘kinds’ of poor folks in my general neighborhood, and
reading that statement makes me think two things…  Somebody has
attempted to steal someone’s mail on several occasions, and somebody
thought they’d be funny (or malicious) and keep somebody’s check from
arriving on time.


Saw it on my way to the post office.  No idea what to think of it.

Thank you all for your comments.

Londo:  I’m not joking- your driver’s liscense is adequate proof
that your are allowed to work in the United States.  A state
issued ID equivalent, a green card, or a work visa (though you’ve never
said you aren’t a US citizen) are appropriate as well.  You only
need one.

compassion:  I guess April Fools is fun when it’s, well… 
all in good fun and there’s no malicious intent.  It’s
just…  not something I can bring myself to do.  My boss
likes to do little pranks on folks at work to keep things light and
when it’s my turn to be the target, I usually don’t even notice until
after it’s all done, and then it’s neither good nor bad, like no
reaction to no stimulus.

It sounds like the jokes around your house are in pretty good taste.

I was the target of some malicious stuff when I was in school, I
promised myself that after high school I would completely transcend
that sort of behaviour, and well, I have.  If I’m around someone
that’s behaving childishly, it’s like a little switch goes off in my
head and suddenly I can’t tell what that person is talking about. 
A little voice in my head says, “Somebody didn’t grow up,” and I get on
with whatever I’m doing.

I also do not participate in or endorse hazing of any kind.

vertigo_josh:  It’s alright, or it’d be alright if more folks
recognized that wanting things that are not within their means can be a
life-altering trap.

I’ve come to recognize that those old ‘sell your soul to the devil’
stories nobody seems to tell anymore that I remember from when I was
little are designed to demonstrate the dangers of borrowed money and
unstudied contracts to children.  Such stories usually have an
overtone suggesting that the world hasn’t ended just because you sold
out; your life can continue and be pretty normal as long as you have
friends and family that care about you, despite whatever’s gone wrong
for you.

That’s most of the “secret” to coping with insurmountable debt.


This Monday I couldn’t borrow the car to go to work, so I rode the bus like I used to, and remembered how much I kinda miss it.

The bus is cheaper now; they’ve got these GPS things installed in every
one of them so the bus tells you its number and destination when it
pulls up and the same mechanical voice calls out intersections as the
bus approaches them.

It makes my ride to work about an hour or so longer counting both
directions together, but, I feel way more relaxed when I get to where
I’m going if I don’t have to drive.  I also tend to notice more
things, like, the fact that the trees in my neighborhood haven’t budded
yet, or how poorly the construction downtown has gone…  In the
car you’re too worried about the actions of the other cars around you
to notice anything profound.

See you next time.


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  1. Busses are cool like that. The ride to and from high school (about an hour in the morning and half an hour on the way home) were my favorite parts of the day. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t have a gameboy at the time though. :)Between the ages of 13 and 15, I detasseled in the summer (if you need an explanation let me know). The number of used condoms you can find at the outer edges of corn fields is kind of disturbing.


  2. We are so far out in the middle of nowhere that we don’t even have a taxi service much less a bus line.  I can’t say I’m sorry for it either.  Infinite blessings


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