Sorry if this comes off as rushed, I’m going to visit my friend who’s
graduating college later in the week and won’t be back for a
while.  I have a bad feeling that the DSL may shut off while I’m
gone, but I’ll likely be able to leave a note to that effect here if
that’d be the case.

Thanks for your comments.

Londo:  Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but I meant ‘acrophobic’
to mean ‘fear of heights’ or in my case, fear of the sort of railing
free, unsafe heights that come from standing at the edge of a dock or
on the branch of a tree.  I’m pretty well controllled, that way,
now, though I’ll occasionally get a scare when I’m up a ladder if my
step isn’t absolutely perfect.  It’s part of the reason I cannot
climb ropes and pegs.  I’ve considered one of those shopping mall
wall climbs as a sort of check against that sort of thing, but…

compassion and TrigguhHippee:  Both interesting points.  I
can think of a handful times when necessity has caused me to lose
complete sight of any sort of goal except for surviving or making it to
safety, recent times being one of them.

When I get through this, I’m going to have to decide what I want my
goals to be again, which ones are meaningful and which are
obsolete.  It’s a process I’ve already begun as part of planning
how I”m going to get out of this.  Once it’s all over, I’ll
probably write on the whole thing.


Anything I ought to have archived in case my DSL goes down in the next
week or two, or what I should scope out immediately once my connection
returns to life will do.  This could be any sort of content as
long as I can capture it all with a ‘wget’ and save it on a CD.

Sorry this is a short one, hope to make another one sooner than later.  Hoping for the best.

See you next time.


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