I hope to have actual photos soon, because I took some deliberately, it
all depends on whether everything wants to stay on for me long enough
for me to get the pictures developed and scanned.  I’m not one to
photograph things…  Cameras used to cause me to spend too much
time taking pictures and not enough time actually looking at things…

The platform at the train station where I meet my pal in Indiana was
destroyed and rebuilt with safety and urban beautification in mind,
meaning that all the wonderful grafitti and the smell of urine in the
old platform is now gone, and with it, its profound message of ‘Why is
this train always late?’

My friend graduated in a gorgeous convention center/stadium in downtown
Gary, IN where a CBA (Continental Basketball Assosiation, Isiah Thomas’
minor league) team plays, a block from the minor league baseball
stadium…  The two or three blocks all around there are really
well done.  It’s too bad that the transition from modern
architecture to run down flooded streets of urban decay is
instantaneous, and gives the impression that it was put there to get
people to come to Gary from out of town just to have a function and
then leave, all the while ignoring the ghettos they had to drive
through to get there.

Then again, how dare I single out Gary like it’s the only city that does that sort of thing?

Thank you for the comments.  The main reason I haven’t written
more is because I haven’t felt like I’ve had much constructive things
to say…

The rest of the trip went mostly well.  It was a chance to clear
my head before I sort out the issues around home.  Right now I’m
trying to figure out how to explain what I can make computers do in a

Hope everything stays stable.  I’ll try to write more next time.

See you next time.


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  1. It seems funny to me that you should write of the city getting beautiful for visitors, but ignoring the ghetto along the way.  Isn’t that just exactly what most people do?  So much emphasis on outward appearances, so little on inner.  Infinite Blessings


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