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lazarusrat:  That’s absolutely right.  There’s not a speck of
graffitti on the new platform (yet.)  I still think OSHA Labor Spy
would be a great punk name…

Quick addendum:


We had the dog (a cocker spaniel) groomed and shaved a couple days
ago.  By shaved, I mean having the hair buzzed all the way down to
the length of about a chihuahua’s, though, probably closer to that of a
labrador’s until it starts to curl again and she looks like a cocker
spaniel ought to instead of a mutant lab puppy with big ears. 
This ordeal is to prevent the ear mite and flea issues that come with
big fluffy ears, among other things.  All-in-all, it keeps her
cooler in the summer.

We haven’t had the youngest cat for a summer yet.  When the dog
came home the cat hissed at her for the next hour, unconvinced that she
was the same dog that had left.

My guess is that the haircut made the dog look different and the
shampoo made her smell different.  I guess we’ll have to see what
happens next time we have it done…  Perhaps the cat will get mad
when the dog’s hair grows back.

See you next time


4 thoughts on “

  1. You got that right! Ordeal it is… is this shearing and shaving anything remotely like what a french poodle would look like ?
    I hope for sanity’s sake, not.
    And how do you manage to have a cat and a dog live together? my dog kiddles 6 years ago actually killed a stray cat, insiduous murdering canine that she is.


  2. We have one cat that has decided she wants to play outside some.  When she comes back in, she doesn’t remember her pals and is combative.  The sun has been good for her though so the new attitude will be accepted and hopefully worked through without too many troubles.  I hope the same for your dear pet friends.  Infinite Blessings


  3. ORANGE!  I’ve never heard of OSHA before my current work, but we’ve got running jokes about it.  One is when somebody says OSHA, four people will chime in with the questions of “Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, or Mediterranean”?  And then you have the OSHA(T) UP!  And the ever so popular, OSHAaaaaiiiitt in case there actually is a visit.  They said if OSHA ever walks back here it’s time to shit your pants.  ORANGE!


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