Okay, fastest catch-up I can make up in about a half an hour…

Anyone that knows me from somewhere other than here already knows that there isn’t as much of a crisis at home anymore…  though things a far from perfect.  Instead of living with somebody who’s unemployed and whose unemployment ran out I live with a welfare recipient soon to be on disablitiy.  Whether that pays the mortgage or not is to be seen.

The next big thing was that my work fired half its staff when they were aledgedly caught stealing, to make the long story short, or more specifically, to tell as much of the story as I am allowed to.

Because of that, I had a very busy last couple weeks, but otherwise…

Well, I’m kindof at an awkward point now.  I can stay around here and see how things work out at home if I want to, or …

…  I can quit my job up here and move in with my brother for a while.  There’s ups and downs to both choices and neither are really correct.  I haven’t been able to get objective advice about the matter yet because literally anyone I can ask will have a bias towards me living nearest to them no matter what, so the next couple months are all up in the air.

If I do take up my brother’s offer, I’ll have my network running around late August or early September, and I’ll be back to the internet to write regular entries again.  I’ll also be the humble owner of a 15 year-old Honda Accord and no idea what to do next besides work as hard as I can, hoping the sucker won’t break until I’ve saved enough thousands of dollars to replace it with something sturdier.  I’ll also be some 800 miles from here, and some 650 miles from the rest of my family.

If I don’t, I’ll be here in the hopes that things don’t collapse at home, and who knows when the DSL will be paid up.

I’m usually not that personal with this space, but any input from folks that have no regard for where I spend the next two to four years is extremely appreciated in advance.  I’ll be back in the cafe in a week or so to check the results.

In the meantime, things seem okay since work’s been paying well on account of me taking everyone’s schedule in the absence of… everyone.


Guy at work (let’s call him Ryan) asked me what it’s like to live hundreds of miles away from my family the other night…

I didn’t know how to answer him right away.  It’s been something like 10 years by now, all-in-all…  but I guess if you grow up with all your folks always around you tend not to think of what it’d be like if they weren’t…

I had folks in the service though, that I’d see about once every four years if that, it seems…

I’ve already mentioned, the tough thing is dealing with the time that passes if you don’t go back often enough.  I think that’s the toughest of it.  A few nights ago I did some mental math and determined that at the present rate I’ll see my mother again some four to six more times before (god forbid) she passes.  For my dad the count might be closer to eight depending on whether or not I end up with my brother…  Don’t mean to be morbid, but…  I think I’m making it a point to budget to go home more often if I can help it.

Thanks for the comments from earlier, I’m sorry I don’t have enough time before I have to head into work to reply to them…

Hope to have better news soon.

See you next time.


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  1. If I hold a gun to your head and make you immediately decide what you’re going to do, what’s your decision? No turning back. Just decide this moment and then trust that gut instinct. If that doesn’t work for you, perhaps saying a particular kind of prayer or asking the universe for direction would work. When faced with decisions that don’t seem to have a right or wrong answer, we often ask God to make a specific thing happen if he wants us to move one way. That specific thing is always something that is incredibly rare, but not impossible. For example, if we are considering a purchase and just can’t quite decide if we should, we might ask God to provide us a check for the exact amount of whatever it is we are considering by a certain date. If it comes, we get it. If it doesn’t, we don’t. I hope one of these two things helps you or if not these things, that someone else has an idea that will. Infinite Blessings!


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