I’d like to thank my pals for taking vacation and letting me jack my
computer into their internet and go to town like this…  Of
course, the official reason I’m here is to feed their pets, but that
doesn’t take three hours…

Thanks for the comment…

compassion:  It’s funny I got to read that the day after I finally
made up my mind.  There’s just a few details I have to clear up,
and, while they’re important enough details to ruin my chances, I’m
fairly confident.

It’s funny how things can just sort of drop in your lap after a while.


It’s a little bit of an odd feeling…  Before the DSL was shut
off I was trying to help my nephew develop an internet game for him and
his friends, and, well, in the internet’s absence they’ve left me with
a tiny, uninhabited world to walk around in and debug.

I’ve made some decent progress at it, mind you, and I can’t wait until
I can plug it back into the internet and see how all this stuff acts
with actual people around, but, it’s very strange, walking in places
where you expect there to be people but there… aren’t.

Aside from this, I’ve put myself on a quest to work on my system
administration and script-writing skills.  The most recent quest
is to finally put my finger on the Object Oriented programming
concept.  I almost have it down, but…  inside, my brain
hasn’t quite clicked over to thinking that way.  It’s kinda like
the difference between translating a spoken language in your head and
actually speaking it fluently.


I lost somebody I used to talk to on the internet quite a bit, about a
month ago, and didn’t really know it because, well, the internet was
off…  and I felt really bad and frustrated because she had given
me some good advice that I didn’t comletely understand yet.  I’ve
found other friends of hers that were in a somewhat equal boat- it
turned out her PC fried within weeks of her passing…

When you forget about the people you care about, and the people that
care about you…  Things seem boring, nothing seems worth
achieving, life appears to have no purpose…

But when you remember the people that matter to you, in as quickly as that single instant, everything seems right in the world.

It’d be stereotypical to wonder why my friend died with such awkward
timing, or before that, why when my grandmother passed away, it was in
such a way that I couldn’t make it to her services…  but instead
now I wonder why so much of life, how you feel about things, what’s
interesting and what isn’t, why so much of that is dependant on things
like who you’re with, what you’re thinking about, and what people say
to you…

Why does phoning a friend for advice clear everything up, even when you know you’ve been told exactly what you already knew?

Hope to be back more regularly in a month or two.  Best wishes to all.

See you next time.


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  1. You never cease to surprise me with your thoughts and ideas. Not because I find them so far out there or anything because they are so far in there. I’m glad you were able to make a decision about your move and hope that as you remember your friend and your grandmother, you feel the peace that comes from those relationships. May your world be filled with people who offer you confirmation of the things you know. Infinite Blessings


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